Yoga Ratnakara: The 'A' to 'Z' Classic on Ayurvedic Formulations Practices and Procedures (Set of 2 Volumes)

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Item Code: IDE957
Author: Edited & Translated By: Dr. Madham Shetty Suresh Babu
Publisher: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation and Explanatory Notes
Edition: 2021
ISBN: VolI: 9788170802814
VolII: 9788170802822
Pages: 1318
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 10.0 inch X 7.5 inch
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Book Description



From the Jacket

"Yoga Ratnakara" is the 'A to Z' book on Ayurveda, it contains all the essential features related to Ayurveda concepts, practices, procedures, and above all it is enriched with the highly effective and result-oriented medicinal formulations, popularly called as 'Yogas' for various diseases from fever to stroke.

Certain formulations described in the text have been subjected to clinical research in various research and post-graduate centers in India and these research studies 'Endorsed' their efficacy even in present day conditions. These positive inputs inspired us to undertake the English translation of this great classic from Sanskrit.

Yoga Ratnakara represents the various shades of Ancient Medical Wisdom/knowledge embedded in books of Ancient times to the later part of the 17th century this makes it an unique book on Ayurvedic medicine.

This English version is being presented in 2 Volumes, with suitable notes, indexes etc. keeping in view the needs of the present day doctors, Scholars and Researchers etc.

In Cryptic sense - 'Yoga Ratnakara' as the title suggests in really a treasure book of gem-like medicinal recipes and formulations for the practitioners of Ayurveda, and research scholars.


About the Author

Dr. S. Suresh Babu, M.D. (Ayu.) is a well-known Figure, who won many prizes at national level and awards at State Level, Recently he has been honoured with Best Teacher Award for the year 2002 by the Chief Minister of A.P. at a function held on 05-09-2002. He is a renowned writer for the cause of Ayurveda for more than two teaching and writing for the cause of Ayurveda for more than two Decades. Owing to a rare combination of Innovation and sound practicality, he continues to be a much sought after Doctor, Writer and Teacher in the Ayurvedic world. So for he has published about ten books on various subjects of Ayurvedic Medicine.



Broadly, We comes-across three kinds of classical texts in Ayurvedic literature, One named after the original author like' Susruta samhita', second type are those popular by the name of it's redactor or samskara karta like 'Caraka Samhita', and the third type of classics are those, whose authorship is unknown or controversial. Yogaratnakara an encyclopedia of Ayurveda belongs to this rare and distinct group, as the composer of this great classic has not left any clues that could 'reveal' his identity, nowhere in the entire text, spread over two volumes (purva and uttara khanda).

There are no such references either in the beginning of the text or at the end of purvardha or at the beginning of uttarardha or at the end of it, generally in such contexts, our ancient authors revealed the name, place/country, to which they belonged along with their father's name etc. this was the established ancient method usually followed by the authors. Unfortunately in the case of 'Yogaratnakara' all these clues, pointers about authorship are missing, leaving much scope for speculation on this aspect and I feel it is wiser to leave this issue to the historical researchers.

A chain of books on Ayurveda therapeutics started with 'Siddhayoga' also known as 'Vrndamadhava' by Vrnda in 9th Century AD and followed by a series of books like 'Cakradatta' 11th Century AD; 'Gada Nigraha' 12th Century AD; 'Sarangadhara samhita' 13th Century AD, 'Bhavaprakasa' 16th Century AD; Yogarantnakara and Bhaisajyaratnavali in 18th Century AD. These books incorporated many new concepts, thoughts and therapeutics and further enriched ayurveda as results of exchange and sharings of different medical thoughts, entered into India along with foreign rulers like Muslim, British, Portuguese and Dutch Kings, who ruled India during this long span of time i.e. 16th to 18th Centuries.

Thus Yogaratnakara, reflects the various shades of therapeutics prevailed during the 16th to 18th Centuries, a period considered as an epoch of the development of medieval art, culture and science. The great exchange with Mughals and Western races, enabled in synthesizing the principles of both art, science and moulding them in tune with the needs of time and as a consequence, various new concepts as well as description about new/unknown diseases, drugs etc. were incorporated into Ayurveda, best examples of this new additions are Nadi Pariksa (Pulse study), Snayuka (a kind of worm causing disease in human body), Epidemic Seetala (resembling small pox), and 'somaroga' etc.

Yogaratnakara was compiled before 'Bhaisajyaratnavali' and its source material Based on forty two (42) books on Ayurveda, available at that point 01 time, right from Susruta to Bhavaprakasa.

Apart from these, certain new drugs were also introduced for first time like Tobacco, Bhimaseni Karpura and food beverages like Sara, Angavika, Panaka etc. all these makes this classic as an unique book on Ayurvedic practices and formulations, many of the formulations mentioned in this work, have been tried under various clinical research programmes as a part of post-graduate education and research at our kaya cikitsa post-graduate centre, DR BRKR Govt Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad, affiliated to NTR University of Health-Sciences (AP), and found to be very effective in various clinical conditions. This prompted me to take-up this task of English translation of Yogaratnakara, as there is no English edition is available, so as to make it available globally.

"Yogaratnakra" as title itself reveals is a treasure book of gem like medicinal formulations, which still remained unexplored.

I hope, that this English edition will become a new source book for further clinical and research initiatives. And I invite the suggestions, comments from the learned Scholars of Ayurveda and modern medicine on this work, so that I can further improve the content in future editions.

Finally there are many people who stood behind me in completing this task. Sri Brij Mohan Das Gupta, Kamlesh Gupta and Sachin Gupta of Mis Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office, Varanasi, who have encouraged me to take up this work and made me to complete it through constant reminders, I am very thankful to them for the offer and follow-up similarly Dr. Pavan MD (Dravyaguna), Dr. Durgeswari MD (Kaya Cikitsa) helped a lot in writing as well in proof-readings, my heartfelt thanks to them. And I am also thankful to many others, who might have helped me indirectly or unknowingly for their unvisible cooperation.




Method of Nadi Pariksa 8
Mutra Pariksa (Examination of urine) 16
'Mala’ Pariksa (Stool Examination) 19
Sabda Pariksa 20
Sparsa Pariksa 20
Rupa Pariksa 20
Drk Pariksa (Eye - Examination) 21
Asya Pariksa (Taste Exam) 22
Jihwa-Pariksa (Tounge Exam) 22
Kalajnana (Time) 23
Desajnanam 25
Dosa Prakopa 26
Dosa - Fluctuations 28
Vayovicara (Age wise stages) Dosa 29
Prakrti Considerations 29
Mana Paribhasa 31
Dhanya & Phala [Qualities of (Cereals and Fruits)] 35
Ayurvicara (Considerations of life span) 70
Dinacarya schedule 75
Dantadhavan Types 76
Bath: Types Qualities 83
Sukhacara - the good habits 103
The art and method of living 106
Ratri Carya - the night schedule 108
Rtu carya (seasonal regimen) 115
Qualities of milk 0
Dadhi (curds) varga 127
Ghrta guna (qualities of ghee) 132
Taila Varga - properties of different oils 134
Honey - Eight types - Qualities 135
Iksu Guna : Qualities of Sugar cane 137
Eight Types of mutra (urine) 139
Silajata Sodhana 155
Svarna (Gold) sodhana procedure 156
Roupya (silver) qualities, marana etc. 160
Tamra, sodhana, marana 163
Loha, different types, sodhana, qualities 165
Mandura, vanga, (sodhana, etc.) 170
Naga (Lead), Sodhana, marana etc. 171
Abhrakam (mica), qualities, sodhana etc. 173
Svarna maksika - qualities, Sodhana 178
Tara maksika, Sodhana, marana etc. 180
Jwara etc. diseases 226
Sannipata Jvara Laksana 228
Vatolbanadi Laksana 234
Jvara Cikitsa: The Regular Management of Jvara 241
Vata Jvara Cikitsa 252
Pitta Jvara Cikitsa 253
Kapha Jvara Cikitsa 255
Sarva Jvara Cikitsa 256
Vata-pitaa Jvara Cikitsa 257
Vata-Slesma Jvara Cikitsa 257
Pitta-Slesma Jvara Cikitsa 258
Sannipata Jvara Cikitsa 259
Visama Jvara - Features 279
Rasa Ausadhi: 300
Sapta dhatugata Jvaras 311
Atisara cikitsa - Cikitsa in purvarupa stage 323
Pravahika (Dysentery) Treatment 339
Rasa Preparations 345
Grahani Roga: Nidana - Samprapti etc. 348
Grahani Treatment - Vataja Grahani 351
Sarva Grahani (all types) Treatment 354
Rasa - cikitsa in Grahani 359
Arsa Roga (Haemorrhoids) 365
Treatment of Arsas 370
Agni Mandya 382
Bhasmaka Roga 383
Ajirna 386
Visucika & Alasaka 388
Rasa Ausadhi 399
Visucikadi cikitsa 406
Krimiroga 408
Treatment 410
Rasa Ausadhi 413
Pandu Roga 414
Kamala 416
Pandu-Cikitsa 417
Kamala-Treatment 422
Raktapitta 428
Raktapitta - treatment 430
Rajayaksma (Tuberculosis) disease profile 445
Vyavayi sosa 446
Urahksata - Nidana, Laksana etc. 483
Kasa - disease profile 487
Kasa Treatment Line of Treatment 490
Pittaja Kasa 492
Kaphaja Kasa 493
Dvandaja Kasa 494
Ksataja Kasa 494
Ksayajakasa 495
Various Dhuma yogas 497
Gutika 500
Rasa-Ausadi 505
Hicca 512
Swasa Roga 518
Swasa Treatment 522
Svara-Bheda 528
Arocaka 534
Chardi: (Vomiting) disease profile 540
'Trsna' disease profile 552
Murccha: disease profile 561
Panatyadi - disease profile 567
Daha: Treatment 576
Unmada: Disease profile 582
Unmada 585
Apasmara - disease profile 595
Vata-Vyadhi Nidana 601
Vata-vyadhi: General Treatment for all 627
Rasa-Ausadhi 650
Vata-Rakta: Disease profile 654
Ghrta 664
Urustambha: Disease profile 666
Ama-Vata: Disease profile 671
Guggul 676
Appendix 681-688
Appendix 689
Appendix 690
Appendix 691
Spl Appendix 692-695
Appendix 699-700






Sula (colic) Chapter 699
Sula Cikitsa 702
Parinama Sula (aetiopathogenesis) 711
Parinama Sula cikitsa 713
Udavarta…. Nidana 718
Udavarta cikitisa 721
Anaha Nidana & Cikitsa 725
Gulma (Abdominal lump) Pathogenesis 727
Gulma (Treatment) cikitsa 731
Pittaja gulma (treatment) cikitsa 733
Slaismika gulma treatment 734
Tridosaja gulma treatment 735
Raktagulma: line of apporach 735
Other drugs indicated in gulma 737
Rasa preparations 744
Pathya & apathya in gulma 747
Hrdroga (Heart-disease) 747
Hrd roga-Treatment 748
Medicatd ghee: Vallabha ghrta 751
Urograha Cikitsa (treatment) 753
Mutra Krccha, Nidana 753
Treatment of mutra krccha 755
Mutraghata (Retention of urine) 766
Mutraghata - treatment 768
Asmari (calculus) 773
Asmari treatment 775
Prameha (the urinary diseases) 780
Treatment of Prameha 788
Rasausadhis (Herbo-minerals) 799
Bahu mutra meha features 805
Obesity (Medo-roga) Nidana samprapti 806
Treatment of medo-roga (obesity) 808
Udara Roga 812
Udara roga - treatment 818
Plihodara/yakrtodara treatment 820
Bhaddha gudodara treatment 825
Udara roga: general measures 826
Rasaaushadhi - Naraca rasa 832
Sotha : etiopathogenesis 834
Sotha cikitsa (treatment) 838
Rasa Aushadhi 848
Vrddhi samprapti types 850
Andavrddhi treatment 854
General measures 855
‘Vardhma’ treatment 855
Kuranda treatment 857
Galaganda, gandamala etc. 859
Arbuda samprapti, laksana (Malignant tumor etc.) 863
Galganda treatment 864
Gandamala apaci treatment 867
Granthi cikitsa general treatment 871
Arbuda: treatment of tumors 874
Slipada (filariasis) samprapti 876
Treatment of slipada 877
Vidradhi pathogenesis 881
Breast abscess - pathogenesis 885
Treatment of vidradhi 885
Vrana sotha nidana 889
Vrana sotha Treatment 893
Sadyo- vrana (exogenous wounds) 901
Sadyo-varana treatment 904
Agnidagdha-cikitsa (treatment) 909
Bhagana vrana (Fractures) 911
Nadivrana- pathogenesis 916
Treatment of nadivrana 918
Bhagandara (Fistula- in -ano) 920
Treatment of fistula (bhagandara) 921
Upadamsa 924
Upadamsa treatment 926
Suka dosa nidana samprapti 932
Treatment of Suka dosa 935
Kustha (Leprosy and other skin diseases) 937
The ekadasa (11 types) ksudra kustha 939
Treatment of kustha (Leprosy & other skin diseases) 944
External therapies lepa etc. 946
Rasaushadhi : Sarvanga sundara rasa 949
Medicated ghee (ghrtas) 952
Tailas in kustha (medicated oils) 954
Dadru (allergy rashes) treatment 956
Kittibha Kustha : Treatment 958
Rasa ausadhi : vijayesvara rasa 963
Sitapitta, udarada, kotha treatment 965
Amlapitta (acidity) samprapti 968
Treatment of amlapitta : general approach 970
Rasaushadhi : in amlapitta 975
Visarpa : Nidana, Smprapti etc 977
Treatment of visarpa 980
Kvatha preparations (oral liquids) 982
Ghrta : Haridradi ghrta 983
Visphotaka (Blisters) Samprapti 986
Treatment of visphotaka : General treatment 988
Ghrtas : Padmaka ghrta 989
Snayuroga : samprapti, upadrava etc. 990
Masurika : (small pox) 994
Masurika treatment : general line 997
Sitala (chicken pox) Samprapti etc 1001
Ksudra roga : (minor ailments) 1004
Treatment of ksudra roga (Minor diseases) 1011
Treatment of yauvana pithika etc 1019
For Nyaccha and Vyanga : Tribhuvana vijaya patradi lepa 1019
Padmini Kantaka Cikitsa 1021
Mukha roga (disease of mouth 1025
Danta vesta roga (Diseases of the gums) 1026
Jihva roga (Diseases of tongue) 1030
Talu roga (Disease of the palate) 1030
Gala (Kantha roga) 1032
Mukha roga (oral diseases) 1035
Mukha roga- treatment 1036
Dantamula cikitsa (treatment of diseases) 1037
Treatment of Danta vesta (pyorrhoea) 1038
Dantaroga cikitsa (diseases of teeth) 1041
Jihva roga cikitsa (treatment of tongue diseases) 1044
Taluroga (palate diseases) treatment 1045
Talu paka : treatment 1045
Gala roga treatment (throat disorders) 1045
Mukha roga cikitsa 1047
Karna roga (ear diseases) 1050
Treatment of Karna roga 1054
Karnapali treatment 1061
Nasaroga- diseases of nose 1062
Pratisyaya nidana 1064
Nasa roga cikitsa (treatment of nasal diseases) 1067
Siro- roga (Diseases of head) 1074
Siro- roga Treatment of head- diseases 1077
Netra roga (eye diseases) 1085
Sukla Bhagaja roga 1093
Vartma paksmaja roga (disease of eye lids) 1095
Pakshma roga (diseases of eye lashes) 1098
Sandhirogas and their features 1098
Samasta Netraja roga (diseases of whole eye) 1100
Treatment of Netra roga (eye - diseases) 1103
Timira samanya cikitsa 1107
Kvatha preparations (oral liquids) 1113
Ghrta (medicated ghee) in netraroga 1115
Ajaka treatment prognosis 1123
Suklaja netra roga 1124
Vartma - paksma - gata roga 1125
Sandhigata roga Diseases of the fornices 1128
Treatment of samasta netra roga (all eye diseases) 1129
Abhisyandi- treatment 1131
Pittabhisyandi treatment 1132
kapha Abhisyandi treatment 1133
Striroga (female diseases) 1140
Treatment of pradara 1142
Rasaushadhi in pradara 1146
Soma roga nidana, samprapti 1147
Yoni roga (Gynecic disorders) 1149
Treatment of Gynecic diseases (Yoni vyapad cikitsa) 1155
Stree garbha roga 1158
Mudha garbha (false pregnancy) 1159
Sutika roga 1172
Sukita roga 1173
Diseases of breast (stana roga) 1178
Bala roga (Diseases of children) 1181
Bala roga : Treatment 1185
Bala graha - Samanya cikitsa 1195
Visa - nidana-cikitsa (poisioning) 1204
Visa cikitsa (treatment of poison) 1214
Treatment of jangama visa 1215
Common treatment of poison 1224
Vajikarana (Aphrodisiacs) Definition 1227
Rasayana vijana 1246
Anupana draya - disease wise 1251

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