Yogas – The Marvels of Hindu Astrology (The Celestial Entities In Action)

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Book Description

Present work is written with an intent to enlighten the readers with the peculiar part of Hindu Astrology known as Yogas. It is difficult to find an English equivalent of the word Yoga rather in broader terms. We can say that it is relevant to a particular or specific combination related with a particular aspect of human life he it fortune or misfortune. In other words a Yoga can add vitality to a horoscope by improving certain life aspects of its possessor or can devitalize an individual in a particular area of his life whose birth horoscope is under scrutiny.

Astrology is as old as Vedas are, therefore Astrology holds the place of pride in Hindu Vedic literature. Mythological stories available in Puranas unfold the secrets of planets, stars (Nakshatras) and signs. In Hari Vansha Purana the Moon is said to be having 28 wives, which are her lunar mansions i.e. Nakashatras, the root concept of Vimsottari Dasa system of prognostication. These mythological stories are mentioned in an interesting manner and leave a lasting impression on the reader. In ancient times Astrology was studied for one's Karmic realities of that particular incarnation and to know one's limitations of that particular birth. The Yogas give an impetus to a particular area of life to which an individual is found in a Karmic sense or manner.

In this book we start from Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas i.e. the qualities or significations of particularly five planets Mars, Jupiter. Venus and Saturn. Whenever any one or more of these five qualities are available in the birth chart of an-individual then the native is destined for these qualities. Next we move on to Adhi Yoga, Sunapha, Annapha and Durudhura and then to Vesi. Vasi and Ubhayachari Yogas which have their manifestation through the two Luminaries as these are the two eyes of our solar system. Then comes Gajakesari Yoga which is based on the hopefulness and vitality of the individual for sustenance and it is associated with the Moon (the mentality and emotions). Amala Yaga has much to do with material attainments of an individual. Then come the Yogas which have attainments of an individual. Then come the Yogas which have their base in the lordships of benefic houses and the relations of various benefic house-lords bestow kingly comforts on to the native. Then in sequence out the life of an individual.

Lastly appear the Yogas related to the twelve houses of a horoscope. These include the Rajayogas of Varaha Mihira under the 10th house Yogas. We have taken Arishta Yoga under the 6th, 8th and 12th house Yogas. However the Yogas such as Netra Nasha and Andha Yogas appear under the 2nd house Yoags. At least 25 Yogas indicating various diseases have been included under the 6th house.

We have exclusively discussed the Yoga under comments on it, providing the relevant information and additional Yogas quoting the authorities. We suppose this will impress the reader with the importance of the Yoga. We have included particularly those Yogas for which we could supplement the example charts and the Yogas which have convinced us with their configurations of planets like the Rajayogas of Varaha Mihira. We have also tried to append the additional information from Western Astrology regarding a particular Yoga keeping the sanctity and sense of the Yoga unaffected.

We suppose this endeavour will open new avenues for research minded students of this devine science of Astrology. Beginners will find it an interesting study for maintaining their interest. We expect that readers will appreciate and acknowledge this endeavour as they have done for other publications from M/s Ranjan Publications.



Yoga is the word used in Sanskrit language for the combination of planets, signs and houses. These three factors affect every fragment of human life from birth to death e.g. the 1st house indicates birth conditions, physique and health and the conditions of prosperity through out life in more general sense. At one's birth every one, keenly intimate to the new born is curious to know about the well being and field of action of the infant. Astrology is one such science capable of satisfying these curiousities fairly precisely. Yogas are one such fragment of the science of Astrology which can raise the individual to the heights of prosperity or put him into the depth of misfortune. Yogas are only the indications of planetary wishes related to results of past Karmas of the individual.

Human life is studded with individual fortunes and misfortunes and astrologically these are termed as Yogas and Arishtas. Fortune is the term representing gains, comforts and honour while misfortune represents bodily ailments, pennuary and disrespect. Anything which gives righteous mentality and codified conduct is called Yoga and ailing body is Arishta. However for simplicity they are called good Yogas and bad Yogas. It is rare to find one who has enjoyed good Yogas only through out his life, but there are many who have faced Arishtas through out their lives. Yogas and Arishtas jointly and commonly manifest in the life of most of the individuals, be he a king or an ordinary person. A king may have every kind of comforts but not a successor to the throne. An ordinary man though not having kingly comforts may have obedient progeny and commonly act on the life stage of the maximum part of the population.

Innumerable combinations representing Yogas and Arishtas are spread through out Hindu astrological literature. We have tried here to cull out those which have proved their efficacy in our practice and experience.

In a horoscope quadrants are abode of Vishnu and trines are the abode of Lakshmi. Vishnu is the god of existence and life sustaining forces that emanate from the quadrants, the environmental houses. Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and wealth is needed for susteinance. Wealth generates out of one's merits, therefore trines are also called houses of merits. The 11th house represents the resultant of the interactions of various house and planets i.e. what we get resultantly. The 12th house represents how our energies are going to dissipate in this life and decides our future birth cycle.

Jupiter, Venus and well aspected or conjoined Mercury and the waxing Moon are benefics. The Moon is benefic from middle of bright half to middle of dark half. The sun is cruel, but is taken as malefic for all practical purposes. Mars, Saturn Rahu and Ketu are known malefics. The friendship and enmity among the planets is better to be decided according to Panchadha Maitri Chakra. The lordships of various houses by various planets also have a significant role in the manifestations of various Yogas. The beneficence and maleficence are so decided according to Vimsottari Dasa system. Some malefics. For a fuller elucidation in this respect readers may go through our book "Secrets of Vimsottari" published by M/S Ranjan Publications.

In the above context and fructification of Yogas. It will be wise to keep in mind the strength of the planets. If the planets participating in the Yoga are weak and powerless the results of the Yoga will be insignificant and vice versa. The planets gain strength when they are in their exaltation, own or friendly signs. A planet in an enemy sign, in a neutral sign, in his debilitation sign or combust is weak and gives malefic results. The beneficence and maleficence of a planet also depends upon his placement in benefic or malefic Vargas. There are ten Vargas for a planet, viz, Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Trimsamsa, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Dasmasa, Dwadasamsa, Shodasamsa and Shashtiamsa. Out of these ten Vargas Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa and Trimsamsa are called Shadavargas if these are joined by Saptamsa then they are called Saptavargas. If all the ten are considered then they are called Dasa (ten) Vargas. A planet is considered strong if he occupies any of his exaltation, own or friendly Vargas. In the Vargas Rasi and Navamsa are of extreme importance and should be given more weightage than other Vargas. If Rasi is the body then Navamsa is the heart i.e. a planet cannot give good results if inharmoniously placed in Navamsa. If heart is strong but body is weak, the person can survive even for a long time.

A planet is called Vargottama if occupies the same Rasi and Navamsa and is said to give very good results. This condition is possible only if the planet is in exaltation, own or friendly sign, but in an enemy sign he will get weaker.

If a planet is two times in his exaltation, own or friendly sign in Vargas then he is in Parijatamasa if in there such Vargas then is Uttamamsa, if in 4 such Vargas then in Gopuramsa, if in 5 such Vargas then in Simhasanamsa, if in six such Vargas then in Paravatamsa, if in seven such Vargas then in Devalokamsa, if in 8 such Vargas then in Surlokamsa and nine such Vargas then he is in Eravatamsa. This all is to show that a planet occupying as many good Vargas is as much strong to give benefic results and kingly comforts. Kingly comforts. Kingly comforts should be taken as only an indication. A man neither becomes a king by the strength of one planet only nor he becomes a beggar by the weakness of one planet only. It is only after the careful assessment of strengths of various planets that one can arrive at a conclusion. Similarly we should also consider the Avasthas of various planets.

If the Lagna, the Moon and the Sun are weak, the three legs of horoscopical tripod becomes shaky. Varaha Mihira has emphasized on this fact in rajayogadhyaya of his Brithat Jataka, where he has kept all these three factors strong for Rajayogas. Without the strength of these three factors even the powerful Rajayogas are unable to fructify in practical.

Another kind of strength is Digbala where the planets get strength due to their directions. Jupiter and Mercury get directional strength in the east which is Lagna, the Moon and Venus get directional strength in south which is the 4th house Saturn gets directional strength in the 7th which is west direction and the Sun and Mars get directional strength in the north which is the 10th house of the horoscope.

Let us examine the chart shown earlier, for the strength of various planets. The Sun gets directional strength in the 10th house and is exalted. Jupiter gets directional strength in the Lagna and is also exalted. Jupiter gets directional strength in the Lagna and is also exalted. The native rose to the height of career in the Sun's Dasa and got help from the influential and authoritative personalities. The Lagna is quadrant as well as trine therefore its lord, the Moon acquires both the qualities and is associated with the 9th lord causing a very powerful Rajayoga in the Lagna. Venus and Mars have exchanged signs in Navamsa therefore they are quite strong. Saturn is Vargottama in a friendly sign. Mercury is exalted in Navamsa. Gajakesari Yoga manifested auspiciously during whole of the Moon's Dasa through he acquired ill health also due to association of Jupiter, the 6th lord with the Moon, the Lagna lord.

Let us analyse the benefics and malefics according to Vimsottari Dasa system. The Moon is a benefic being the Lagna lord. The Sun is a malefic being the 2nd lord a Maraka, but being strong has lost most of his maleficence. Jupiter is a little benefic being the 9th lord over his 6th lordship. Mars is a Yogakaraka being the 5th and 10th lord and his Dasa will definitely be good enough though he is placed in the 12th in an enemy sign. Venus is a malefic for Cancer Lagna and his Dasa did not do much to the native. Mercury is a malefic for this Lagna and his Dasa is late to ensue.




    Page No.
  Prologue XI
  Introduction XIII
1. Ruchaka Yoga 1
2. Bhadra Yoga 3
3. Hansa Yoga 5
4. Malavya Yoga 7
5. Sasa Yoga 9
6. Adhi Yoga 11
7. Lagnadhi Yoga 13
8. Sunapha Yoga 14
9. Anapha Yoga 16
10. Durudhura Yoga 19
11. Kemadruma Yoga 22
12-24. Kemadruma Yogas 24
25. Adham Yoga 25
26. Sama Yoga 26
27. Varishta Yoga 26
28. Vasumati Yoga 27
29. Shubha Yoga 28
30. Kartari Yoga 28
31. Vesi Yoga 29
32. Vasi Yoga 30
33. Ubhayachari Yoga 31
34-35. Gajakesari Yogas 32
36. Chattussagara Yoga 34
37. Amla Yoga 35
38. Bhaskara Yoga 36
39. Marut Yoga 37
40. Parijata Yoga 38
41. Parijata Yoga 38
42. Kalanidhi Yoga 40
43-45. Lakshmi Yogas 41
46-48. Kahala Yogas 43
49-60. Malika Yogas 44
61-62. Chamara Yogas 45
63-64. Shankha Yogas 46
65. Shri Kantha Yoga 47
66. Shri Nahta Yoga 48
67. Viranchi Yoga 49
68-69. Bheri Yogas 50
70. Shakata Yoga 51
71. Budha Yoga 52
72. Indra Yoga 52
73. Parvata Yoga 53
74-75. Sharada Yogas 55
76. Matsya Yoga 56
77. Kurma Yoga 57
78. Khadga Yoga 57
79. Kusuma Yoga 58
80. Maridanga Yoga 59
81. Amsavatara Yoga 60
82-84. Hari, Hara, Bhahma Yogas 61
85. Pushkala Yoga 62
86. Mahabhagya Yoga 63
87. Gauri Yoga 64
88. Saraswati Yoga 65
89. Gaja Yoga 66
90. Devendra Yoga 67
91. Mukuta Yoga 68
92. Jaya Yoga 69
93. Vidyut Yoga 69
94. Shri Chandika Yoga 70
95. Gandharva Yoga 70
96. Chaturmukha Yoga 71
97. Vishnu Yoga 72
98. Shiva Yoga 73
99. Chandra Mangala Yoga 74
100. Chapa Yoga 75
101. Nabhi Yoga 75
102. Dhwaja Yoga 76
103. Kundala Yoga 78
104-106. Mangala, Madhya and Kleeba Yogas 78
107. Gola Yoga 79
108-110. Chanda Yoga 79
111. Go Yoga 80
112. Garuda Yoga 80
113. Ravi Yoga 81
114. Shubha Yoga 82
115. Trilochana Yoga 83
116. Sukha Yoga 84
117. Vajra Yoga 84
118. Yuga Yoga I 85
119. Akhanda Samrajya Yoga 86
120. Vasarpati Yoga 87
121. Adhyatma Yoga 88
122. Naga Yoga 89
123. Padma Yoga 90
124. Musala Yoga 90
125. Yuga Yoga II 91
126. Anguli Yoga 92
127. Lavanya Yoga 92
128. Harsha Yoga 93
129. Sarala Yoga 93
130. Vimala Yoga 93
131. Duryoga 95
132-163. Nabhasa Yogas 96
164. Ayayogas Yoga 121
165-166. Deha Soukhya Yogas 121
167. Pushta Deha Yoga 122
168-170. Sthula Deha Yogas 122
171-172. Karsharya Deha Yogas 123
173-174. Rogi Deha Yogas 125
175. Khalwata Yoga 126
176-179. Viklanga Yogas 127
180-181. Deha Durgandha Yogas 128
182-183. Kapata Yogas I 128
184. Haasya Yoga 129
185-186. Chourya Yogas 129
187-189. Navayovana Yogas 130
190-191. Pishuna Yogas 130
192-193. Chandala & Miechha Yogas 131
194-195. Kaatara Yogas 132
196-200. Vaani Dosha Yogas 132
201-203. Vaachala Yogas 133
204-207. Badhira Yogas 134
208. Balya Dhana Yoga 136
209-210. Bhratru Dhanapti Yogas 136
211. Janani Dhana Labha Yoga 136
212-213. Suputra Dhanapti Yogas 137
214. Shatruto Dhanapti Yoga 138
215. Bharyato Dhanapti Yoga 138
216. Pitru Dhanapti Yoga 139
217-130. Dhana Yogas 139
231-244. Dhana Yogas (contd.) 143
245. Daridra Yoga 147
246-255. Daridra Yogas (contd.) 147
256-257. Rina Grasta Yogas 148
258. Nirvidya Yoga 149
259-279. Dhana Nasha Yogas 150
280-281. Annadata Yogas 152
282-284. Bhojana Pradara Yogas 152
285-286. Kutumbi Yogas 153
287-290. Sumukhadi Yogas 153
291-294. Danta Vikara Yogas 154
295-296. Andha Yogas 154
297-298. Netraghata Yogas 155
299-302. Netra Roga Yogas 155
303. Bhratru Labha Yoga 156
304. Bhratru Haani Yoga 158
305. Bahu Sahodara Yoga 158
306. Vikrama Yoga 160
307. Yuddha Kushala Yoga 161
308. Satkaryadirata Yoga 162
309-310. Matru Sneha Yogas 163
311-313. Matru Sukha Abhava Yogas 163
314. Matru Deerghayu Yoga 164
315. Matru Nasha Yoga 164
316. Matru Vyabhicharini Yoga 166
317-318. Kapata Yogas II 166
319-320. Sajjana Yogas 168
321-322. Sukha Prapti Yogas 169
323-325. Kukha Prapti Yogas 170
326-328. Paatala Rasi Prapti Yogas 171
329-330. Prasadavana Yogas 171
331-332. Bahu Griha Prapti Yogas 173
333-334. Griha Nasha Yogas 174
335. Shatruto Kshetrapti Yoga 174
336-337. Bhoomi Vikreta Yogas 175
338. Bandhu Poojya Yoga 176
339-341. Vahana Yogas 178
342-343. Buddhimaana Yogas 179
344. Satvika Prakriti Yoga 181
345. Pratyutpannamati Yoga 182
346. Chanchala Buddhi Yoga 182
347. Jada Buddhi Yoga 183
348. Heena Buddhi Yoga 183
349. Trikalagya Yoga 183
350. Upasana Yoga 184
351-352. Guru Bhakta Yogas 185
353. Suputra Yoga 185
354. Eka Putra Yoga 187
355-357. Bahuputra Yogas 187
358. Aputra Yoga 189
359. Kuputra Yoga 189
360-362. Dattaka Putra Yogas 190
363-364. Parajata Yogas 191
365. Putra Abhava Yoga 192
366. Mrita Santana Utpatti Yoga 193
367. Kanya Prapti Yoga 194
368-369. Garbhapata Yogas 196
370-371. Putra Nasha Yogas 197
372-373. Vilamba Santana Prapti Yogas 197
374. Jara Putra Yoga 198
375. Vipra Shapad Viputra Yoga 199
376. Kuladeva Dosad Viputra Yoga 200
377. Matru Doshad Viputra Yoga 201
378. Pitru Dosad Viputra Yoga 201
379-381. Sarpa Sapad Viputra Yogas 202
382. Durdeva Sapada Viputra Yoga 203
383-386. Vansa Vichheda Yogas 203
387-388. Shatrunashaka Yogas 204
389. Shatrupeeda Yoga 205
390. Shatrumoolad Dhana Vyaya Yoga 206
391. Shwana Bhaya Yoga 207
392. Vrana Peetikadi Yoga 208
393-394. Shatru Gyana Yogas 210
395. Pitru Ninda Yoga 214
396. Ekantottitha Roga Yoga 215
397. Apasmara Yoga 217
398-401. Unmada Yogas 219
402-403. Kushta Roga Yogas 225
404-405. Hridaya Roga Yogas 227
406-407. Kshaya Roga Yogas 229
408. Phuphus Avarana Sotha Yoga 223
409. Kasa Roga Yoga 235
410-412. Shoola Roga Yogas 236
413. Pleeha Vriddhi Roga Yoga 239
414-415. Pitta Roga Yogas 240
416-417. Vaata Roga Yogas 241
418. Peenasa Roga Yoga 243
419. Mukha Roga Yoga 244
420. Gandamala Roga Yoga 246
421. Sweta Kushta Roga Yoga 247
422-423. Pama Dadru Roga Yoga 248
424. Arsha Roga Yoga 249
425-426. Sisna Gaden Yogas 250
427. Andakosha Vriddhi Yoga 251
428. Mootra Krichh Roga Yoga 252
429. Yona Roga Yoga 252
430. Aartava Dosha Yoga 253
431. Pakshaghata Roga Yoga 255
432-433. Jalodara Roga Yogas 256
434-435. Pishacha Peeda Yogas 256
436. Matula Sukha Yoga 257
437-438. Bahu Bharya Yogas 257
439. Satkalatra Yoga 258
440-442. Kupatni Yogas 259
442-446. Vyabhichara Yogas 261
447-450. Agamya Stree Gamya Yogas 264
451. Punarbhu Bharya Yogas 265
452-453. Samalaingika Yogas 265
254-255. Bhaga Chumbana Yogas 266
456-457. Bharya Nasha Yogas 267
458-459. Rogini Bharya Yogas 267
460. Astamastha Graha Pradatta Roga Yoga 268
461-464. Purnayu Yoga 271
465-467. Madhyayu Yogas 272
468-470. Alpayu Yogas 274
471-474. Balarishta Yogas 275
475-493. Nairyanika Yogas 276
494. Kara Padachheda Yoga 278
495. Karachheda Yoga 278
496-498. Krura Pravritti Yogas 279
499. Punyavana Yoga 279
500. Bhagya Heena Yoga 281
501-502. Dharmadhyaksha Yogas 282
503-504. Bhiksha Yoga 283
505. Guru Stree Rata Yoga 284
506. Dhanika Va Netra Rogi Yoga 284
507-508. Ganga Snana Yogas 285
509-511. Maanaseela Yogas 286
512. Karmadivaikalya Yoga 288
513. Rajya Karyakarta Yoga 289
514. Janakovitta Yoga 290
515. Vyapari Yoga 291
516-546. Raja Yogas 291
547. Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga 320
548. Vipareeta Raja Yoga 322
549-552. Raja Yoga Bhanga Yogas 323
553-556. Pravrajya Yogas 324
557. Sanyasa Bhrashta Yoga 327
558. Bahu Labha Yoga 327
559. Vahana Sukha Yoga 328
560. Nana Deshatana Yoga 330
561. Rajamoolo Dhana Vyaya Yoga 330
562. Dhana Sanchaya Yoga 332
563. Bandhana Yoga 332
564. Kalasarpa Yoga 334

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