Your Best Friend (Spirituality for the Modern Youth Series)

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Author: Radheshyam Das
Publisher: ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF), Pune
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 8125019022
Pages: 335 (B & W Illus: 49, B & W Figure: 8)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.3" X 5.5
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The Vedic texts are the panacea for all problems for all times; they give a crystal clear understanding of all the fundamental and essential truths of life including who we are, what the true goal of life is and how we can attain permanent happiness.

Unfortunately however, in the modern time, the Vedas have generally been misunderstood to be books of sentiment, blind faith or a bunch of empty rituals. And due to such preconceived misconceptions, the scientifically minded youth have reservations in even approaching them. Also, these texts being in intricate Sanskrit are not easily accessible to them.

With these considerations in mind, a need was felt for a systematic and scientific presentation of the five essential themes of the Bhagavad-gita ishvara (the Lord) jiva (the living entity), Prakriti (nature), kala (time) and karma (activity). A humble attempt towards making such a compilation was first made in 1994. These notes were based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, who is internationally acclaimed as an erudite Vedic scholar and as the greatest exponent of Krishna consciousness in the modern times. References were also taken from Back to godhead magazine articles and from discourses by senior devotees of ISKCON Prabhu and His Grace Krishna Smaran Prabhu. Those notes were refined over the years as we came to know more about the nature of doubts and questions that youths generally have.

Now we are presenting those refined notes in a handy form as series of five books, entitled the Spirituality for the Modern Youth (SMY) series. The books in this series are Discover Your-self Your Best Friend (the present volume), Your Secret Journey, Victory Over Death and The Yoga for the Modern Age.

We have been using these notes for vigorous youth preaching in ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF), Pune. IYF, Pune was started and is being run by the divine inspiration and blessings given by H. H. Radhanath Swami Maharaj, H. H. Gopalakrishna Goswami Maharaj, H. H. Lokanath swami maharaj, H. G. Devamrita Prabhu, devotees of Shri Shri Radha Gospinath Mandir, Chowpatty, Bombay and Shri Shri Radha Kunjabihari Mandir, Pune.

The approach of having a systematic presentation of the Bhagavad-gita has produced amazing results in effectively con-veying the message to the youth and inspiring them to take to Krishna consciousness seriously. IYF presently has hundreds of engineering students, who are chanting Hare Krishna and leading a pure life free from all bad habits like meat-eating, intoxication, illicit sex and gambling.

We hope that this book will therefore act as a beacon light for every sincere seeker of the truth, especially among the youth and the young at heart. It is our hope that the book will also serve as a useful guide for all preachers throughout the world in their attempts to take Krishna consciousness to the youth in particular and to the masses at large.

This book is noting but a systematic presentation of the remnants of the bold preacher, Srila Prabhupada, and my beloved spiritual master. It is therefore a humble offering at their lotus feet. We will consider our humble efforts successful if this endeavor can assist in fulfilling their pure desire to flood the entire world with Krishna consciousness.

Chapter 1
Definition of God1
Discovering the Root of all Existence: God2
Problems: Real and Relative2
Solutions: Patch-up and Actual6
Are You a Theist or an Atheist?7
Proof of God's Existence8
Various Misconceptions About God10
Clear-Cut Definition of God11
God: The Source of Everything13
God: The Supreme Controller14
God: The Supreme Enjoyer16
Chapter 2
Vedas - Are They Relevant Today?19
Vedas: The only Source of Perfect Knowledge20
Parallels in Vedas and Modern Science21
Vedic Predictions That Have Come True23
Seeing with the Ears24
Vedas: Our Real Mother26
Modern Science - A Treacherous Witch27
Relevance of the Vedas today32
The Vedas: A Manual for Life34
Chapter 3
Qualifications of Guru35
Why Do I Need A Guru?36
The Absolute Necessity of a Spiritual Master39
How to Recognize the Spiritual Authority?40
The Guru and the Parampara42
Qualifications of the Guru44
Check and Balance Through Guru-Sadhu-Shastra52
Chapter 4
Qualifications of Disciple53
Humble Surrender54
Submissive Inquiry57
Service Attitude61
Devotion to the Supreme Lord63
Faith in the Spiritual Master64
Avowed Truthfulness66
Chapter 5
The Most Confidential Knowledge69
Religion - A Global View70
Different Religions Teach According to Time-Place-Circumstance71
The Essence of All Religions
Different Platforms of Worshipping God: Fear, Desire, Duty and Love75
Sanatana Dharma - The Supermarket of Religions79
Worship According to Propensities81
The Absolute Truth - A Conclusive Understanding82
God: One Person Called by Different Names82
Who Is God?84
Is God Personal or Impersonal?84
The Most Confidential Knowledge: God is a Person87
Chapter 6
Krishna -The All-Attractive93
Krishna- All-Beautiful95
Krishna- All-Knowledgeable 97
Krishna- All-Strong98
Krishna- All-Famous100
Krishna- All-Wealthy102
Krishna- All-Renounced103
Krishna - The All-Attractive106
Chapter 7
Evidences for Krishna's Supremacy107
Krishna: Father of All Beings108
Krishna: Source of All Demigods109
Krishna: Source of the Impersonal Brahman111
Krishna: Fountainhead of All Avatars112
Is Krishna an Avatar of Vishnu?114
Krishna's Supremacy Confirmed117
Lord Krishna's Appearance and Activities119
1. Krishna Knows Past, Present and Future119
2. Krishna and his Body are Non-different121
3. Krishna is Eternally Youthful121
4. Krishna Neither Takes Birth nor Dies; He Appears and Disappears123
Chapter 8
The Singular Supreme and The Plural Subordinates 125
God and god126
Jiva Tattva128
Do demigods really exist?129
Do Things not Happen by Chance?132
Vishnu Tattva135
Shambhu Tattva137
Krishna - The Singular Supreme Personality of godhead138
The Supreme Opulence of Krishna141
Chapter 9
The Controller of All Controllers143
Demigods Seek Help from Krishna144
The Demigods cannot comprehend Krishna's Divine Qualities and Activities146
The Bewilderment of Lord Brahma, the chief of the Demigods147
The Bewilderment of Indra, the King of Heaven155
Lord Krishna delivers Lord Shiva161
Krishna-The Supreme Controller165
Chapter 10
Worship: Divine and Mundane167
Relationship of Krishna and the demigods168
Demigods Run to the Supreme Lord169
Differences between Krishna worship and demigod worship170
Demigods give what you Want; Krishna gives what you Need170
Demigods cannot Award Liberation; Only Krishna Can172
Demigod Worship is Ultimately Futile' Krishna Worship is Ultimately Successful174
Demigod Worship is for the Less Intelligent; Krishna Worship is for the Truly Intelligent176
If Demigod worship is condemned, why do the Scriptures prescribe it?178
How should devotees deal with the demigods?180
Chapter 11
Your Heart - To - Heart Friend183
Krishna's Program for the Living Entities 184
Paramatma - The True Friend of the Jivatma186
Who is the Paramatma?190
The Role of the Paramatma in our Life191
1. Paramatma - The Giver of Forgetfulness191
2. Paramatma - The Giver of Knowledge195
3. Paramatma - The Giver of Remembrance196
4. Paramatma - The Giver of Inspiration198
Perceiving the Paramatma201
Attitude of Devotees and Demons202
Towards the Paramatma202
Paramatma is the Real Doer204
Chapter 12
Well-Wishing Guide Who Always Accompanies You…..207
Paramatma - Director of the Wanderings of the Living Entity208
Paramatma fulfils the Desires of the Living Entity210
The Paramatma sanctions Pleasure and Pain213
The Paramatma : Overseer And Permitter216
The Paramatma Responsible for our Good and Bad Acts?219
Role of the Paramatma at the Time of Death221
The Culmination - Surrender to Krishna222
Chapter 13
The Infinitesimal and The Infinite225
Am I God?226
Differences between the living entity and Krishna230
The living entity is Infinitesimal, but Krishna is Infinite230
The living entity is the Knower of his own body, but Krishna is the Knower of all the bodies232
The living entity is the Proprietor of his body, but Krishna is the Proprietor of all the bodies233
The living entity can be put to Forgetfulness, but Krishna can never be put to Forgetfulness234
The living entity has only Direct Awareness, But Krishna has both Direct and Indirect Awareness238
Consciousness of the living entity is Limited, Consciousness of Krishna is Unlimited239
Different States of Consciousness of the Living Entity240
Chapter 14
Love of God: The Culmination of Religion245
Love of God - The Ultimate Goal of Religion248
Unalloyed Devotional Service249
How Can One Achieve Pure Love for Krishna?251
Practical Steps to Achieve Love for Krishna253
Chanting the Holy Name : Meditation for the Modern Age256
Different Yugas - Different Prescribed Methods258
Spiritual Sound and Material Sound260
Krishnaizing Everything261
Appendix 1
Krishna's Rasa Dance: Can We Imitate?263
What is the Rasa Dance?263
Is Krishna's Rasa Dance Not an Immoral Act?264
Can We Imitate Rasa Lila?264
From Whom Should We Hear Rasa Lila?264
Developing Faith265
Philosophy behind Rasa Dance268
Lord Krishna's body is Transcendental268
The Lord is the Real Enjoyer269
How should we approach the rasa-lila ?275
Appendix 2
Avatars : Genuine and Fake278
Purpose of Avatar279
The Real Purpose Of Avatar280
Genuine Avatar vs. Fake Avatar281
An Avatar should be mentioned in scriptures before He appears281
The Avatar is able to reveal the Cosmic Universal Form281
The Avatar performs extraordinary activities that cannot be imitated282
Every Avatar has a Unique Message or Mission282
Specific Markings on Hands and Feet of the Avatar283
Types of Avatars283
Appendix 3
The Position of Lord Shiva284
Lord Shiva - One of the Twenty Mahajanas284
Lord Shiva and Durga285
Lord Shiva - Ashutosha, quickly pleased286
Lord Shiva -Protector of Dhama287
Lord Shiva Bewildered by Mohini Murti288
Why does Lord Shiva live in Graveyards and Roam with Ghosts and Hobgoblins ?289
Why did Lord Shiva preach Mayavada?289
How should Vaishnavas Worship Lord Shiva ?291
Appendix 4
The Golden Incarnation For The Iron Age293
Who is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ?293
A Short Life History of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu295
Predictions about Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's appearance in Atharva Veda295
Appendix 5
Meditation for the Modern Age301
Appendix 6
Srila Prabhupada - The Ambassador of
The Kingdom of God
Appendix 7
ISKCON Youth Forum (IYF) At a Glance308
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