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Preface   The Damara Tantra is being presented for the first time with its Text in Devanagari and an English Translation. It was initially published long ago in the Bangala script and that edition has been the sole source for the preparation of the present edition. The Bangala edition contains full Text in Sanskrit but the matter in the Appendix-I is only in Bangala language and no Sanskrit original has either been given or referred to. Therefore in the present edition I have giv...


The Damara Tantra is being presented for the first time with its Text in Devanagari and an English Translation. It was initially published long ago in the Bangala script and that edition has been the sole source for the preparation of the present edition. The Bangala edition contains full Text in Sanskrit but the matter in the Appendix-I is only in Bangala language and no Sanskrit original has either been given or referred to. Therefore in the present edition I have given only a Translation of the Bangala material.

As far as the subject matter of the Tantra is concerned there is a lot of similarity between the earlier portions of this Tantra and the Bhuta-Damara Tantra also published only in Bangala script so far. However as the Tantra proceeds the matter starts differing to the extent sufficient enough to give it its individual identity.

This Tantra is unique from many points of views. It contains elaborate material on the Satkarmas out of which the topic of Subjugation (Vasikarana) has received a specially comprehensive treatment. It also contains numerous other useful subjects, such as making wealth and stock of foodgrains inexhaustible, many prescriptions for the improvement of crops, for driving away many obstacles, such as, parasites, pests and insects from the house and making life prosperous. It specially mentions elaborately the uses of parasite plants growing on certain trees. Such plants have been mentioned as possessing special powers of bestowing prosperity on human beings and curing various diseases. They show their results without any mantra-sadhana and hence deserve special attention for research and validation of the assertions about their such powers. If they really possess the powers ascribed to them they can be of immense benefit for mankind even in the present day world.

In spite of numerous such useful prescriptions it is very unfortunate that majority of modern Indians label the Tantras as full of superficial rituals, which may have no use. However, without practicing any of the Sadhanas it is unscientific to brand them as such by persons who claim to be scientific in their out-look. There are unmerous examples of ascetics and Tantrikas even today who have achieved various Siddhis (supernatural powers) on the basis of their rigorous Sadhana. To brand such Tantrikas as fakes or tricksters just because they many not be in a position to demonstrate the mechanics of powers of performing miracle because their such capabilities have been acquired not on the basis of some scientific experiments or theories but on the basis of Sadhana which can develop the intrinsic powers of the Sadhaka. There may not be a theory about the acquisition of these powers except a gradual attainment by rigorous ritualistic and abstract Sadhana. Therefore what is needed today is to perform various Sadhanas with faith and see whether they yield positive results or not, because no scientific tool can be applied for such validation. Moreover, it is repeatedly mentioned in the Tantras that a sceptic approach to Sadhana makes the Sadhana an exercise in futility. For any success one should approach it only with extreme faith and without reason. Utter surrender is the only way of achieving success in Sadhana. Moreover, there are numerous prescriptions in Tantras, which can succeed even without any Sadhana or Mantra-japa. To start with scientists can take up such topics at the outset for study and validation. The effects of Herbs and Roots can also be easily tested, provided they are obtained according to methods prescribed in the present and other Tantras.

I have undertaken to present this Tantra, hitherto regarded as secret of secrets, with its English translation so that it may become accessible to scientists and they may be able to verify and validate some of its claims, which do not involve elaborate rituals or Mantra-sadhana. The section on the science of serpents, prescriptions for the cure of serpent-poison and the power of parasite plants deserve special attention. Many, prescription under Satkarmas which do not need mantra-japa can also be taken for such studies. Even where mantras are involved they too can he scientifically studied in various stage, such as we can take up the very fact about the nature of the effectiveness of mantras themselves and whether they really bring about any intrinsic change in the human psyche and on activation do they bestow certain powers on the Sadhakas.

I shall feel my labour amply rewarded if the present Tantra in its translated form is able to attract the attention of the inquisitives and they are able to derive some benefits from its prescription. Later on, I propose to bring out some more Tantras regarded as secret with translation so that they may become accessible to the scientific readers.



Preface iii
Mangalacarana 1, Dialogue between Bhairava and Bhairavi about the subject-matter of the Tantra 1, Description of the Mantra for the liquidation of Brahma etc. Gods 4, Bhutini-Sadhana 6, Determination of Mahendradi Yoga in Satkarmas 7, Determination of the use of Fingers in Satkarmas 7, Methods for procuring Roots and Herbs 8.
Chapter One 10-22
Method of Vasikarana 10, Captivation of the Kings 13, Captivation of wicked women 14, Captivation of Husband 16; Attraction 17, Method for obtaining prosperity 18, Unguents 19, Oral perfumes 20, Destruction of erruptions of the mouth 20, Blackening the hairs 21, Destruction of Lice 22, Cure of Baldness 22.  
Chapter Two 23-50
Paralysing 23, Paralysing a Boat 24, Paralysing Fire 24, Retention of Semen 25, On acquiring vigour 26, On whitening black hairs 27, Inducement of sleep 28, Obtaining victory 28, Pacifying the anger of Isvara and other 29, On Depilation 30, Freedom from fetters or bondage 31, Restarting the Menses 33, Making a sterile woman pregnant 34, Cure of a sterile woman since birth 35, Treatment of Kakabnhya 37, Treatment of Mrtavatsa 38, Protection of the Foetus in the womb 38, Prescriptions for painless child-birth 41, Warding off ill-effects of the planets and evil-spirits 43, Inflicting misfortune 46, Creating strife 46, Method of Protection 46, Driving away parasites, pests and insects from the house 48.
Chapter Three 50-52
Creation of Aversion 50  
Chapter Four 53-56
Dissension 53, Inflicting and also curing diseases 54
Chapter Five 56-77
Marana or Liquidation 56, Liquidation of Horses 58, Destroying the stock of clothings of a washerman 59, Destroying fishes of a fisherman 59, Destorying the oil-stock of an oil merchant 60, Destroying Milk 60, Destroying the crop 60, Destroying betel-leaves 61, Destruction of wines 61, Fulfilment of desires 62, Supernatural perfection of speech 63, Making the voice melodius 64, Treatment of Eyes 64, Curing deafness and improving powed of hearing 66, Strengthening the dentures 67, Science of Serpents 68, Medicines against serpent-bite and poison 72, Destruction of poison of Scorpions 75, Curing a Dog's poison 76, Curing the poison of various other animals 77.  
Chapter Six 77-104
Yaksini sadhana 78, Vibhrama Yaksini 78, Sadhana of Ratipriya, Sadhana of Vata-yaksini 79. Sadhana of Candradrava 80, Sadhana of Candrika 80, Sadhana of Mahabhaya 81, Subjugation Tantra 81-97. Attraction 98, Cure of various diseases 102, Cure of diseases of Stomach 102, Restoring Eyesight 102, Other Cures 102, Cure of all kinds of diseases 103, Charms for curing Dysentery 103, Charm for curing diarrha 104.
Appendix 1 105-108
Mantra Sadhana of Alaktarasi 105, Bhuta Sadhana 106.  
Appendix II 109-114
Latin names of the Herbs.  


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