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Animal Paintings & Artwork

Q1. What are the general rules for painting?

There are a variety of rules followed by artists who have mastered different schools of painting. A few general rules of painting that can be followed by all the schools of painting are- choosing the right canvas and cleaning it properly to get the best results, choosing the perfect medium that suits your canvas and theme, getting the right tools for the painting, smoothly applying the paint on the canvas, in case of multiple layers letting the ones underneath dry before putting a new coat, and finally, giving required finishing touches to the painting to ensure perfect artistic value.

Q2. Are paintings made by animals considered art?

Though highly unusual, paintings created by animals are considered art by art collectors and art enthusiasts.

Q3. Why do artists paint animals?

Animals are some of the earliest subjects of art created in human civilization and their presence on different canvases from rock shelters to digital art continues to surprise the audience. Animals in human culture hold great value due to the qualities and meanings they represent and artists paint animals to display characteristics such as courage, pride, victory, health, virility, auspiciousness, and wisdom in their artwork.

Q4. How do you protect art from damage?

Protecting a piece of art from damage is vital if one wants to ensure its longevity. To shield artworks from the damage caused by time, environment, and human intervention, one must keep the art in a dry, clean, and sheltered space with an absence of direct sunlight. Placing an artwork in a glass frame or coating it with varnish (when possible) is also some of how the bright colors and aesthetic quality of the art are protected. Regular cleaning using a smooth and dry piece of cloth is also required to remove the regular deposit of dust, moisture, and other particulates on a work of art.

Q5. What is it called when you paint animals?

An artist who paints animals is known as an animalier and the art created by them is known as animal painting or wildlife painting.