Divine Chants of Narayana (Freedom from Fear, Insecurity & Loneliness) (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICR099
Uma MohanTimes Music (2010)
From the CD

Fear is a dosha-a negative thought. Which causes the brain to stimulate an imbalanced secretion of enzymes and hormones which affect the mind and body in different ways making man experience negation in thought and action. When fear increases, lust, violence and conflict of thoughts all increase simultaneously. The over activation of the base charkas bring out the primal survival instinct. Which in turn make the whole existence negative, wanting one to establish themselves and their identity, in the most barbaric and egoistic manner, with out care or concern for fellow beings. It may be just a simple need for security which causes great distortion of the thought process, making man violent and reckless wanting to hurt other creations recklessly. When identified, fear can be tackled in a gently way, but first man must have the authenticity and humility to identify and accept this condition. Once one has identified that has fear, it is a simple process of looking into the reality of it. Out of fear of loosing our positions, our possessions, or our selves we become violent. Insecurity and fear of loss cause us to be violent. This seed of fear makes all actions cruel and inconsistent. A human who has experienced alleviation from fear is calm from within. And free of violence, since there is indeed nothing to be afraid of or protect. There is fear in the society as a whole since man is not separate, and is linked in one consciousness. All minds think alike and there is much clash and conflict born out of ignorance. When fear is identified and treated as a friend the problem itself dissolves.

Divine Chants of Narayana

Freedom from fear, insecurity & loneliness.

1. Narayana Ashtaaksharamantra- Om Namo Narayanaya - Mantra Japa
2. Narayana Sooktam
3. Sriman Narayaneeyam - Bhagavataha Swaroopa Mahaatmyam cha
4. Narayana Stotram
5. Narayana Hridayastotram
6. Narayanopanishad
7. Sri Narayana Ashtottara Shatanaama Stotram
8. Sri Narayana Kavacham

Concept, Research, Text, Music Design, Voice Arrangement, Voice: Uma Mohan Produced for Times Music By Uma Mohan

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