Krishna Aaradhana (Krishna Bhajans)
Bhaktipada: Kavi Narayan Agrawal ‘Das Narayan’
(A Vocal From India) (Audio CD)

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Neela BhagwatN A Classical (2008)

Krishna Aaradhana
1)Nandalaal Brijapaal – Raag Saarang
2)Nainon Ki Tum Jyot – Raag Misra Des
3) Haathon Mein Hari Naam Ki Mehendi – Raag Lalit
4)Main Thaakur Ji Ki Daasi Hun – Raag Aasaavari
5)Main Bagiyan Mein Phool Banu – Raag Bhairavi
Song No. 1.The Poem describes an intense longing to meet Krishna
Song No. 2.Krishna is a playful lover. The joy of having Krishna to relate to, is so overwhelming, that the whole world appears beautiful
Song No. 3.Eyes are full of love for Krishna. It is a beautiful feeling of ecstasy
Song No. 4.The mind is enchanted with the love for Krishna and perceives Krishna everywhere.
Song No. 5.There is a feeling of total surrender in this poem. The devotee assumes himself / herself to be a flower, offered at Krishna’s feet
Lyrics: Kavi Narayan Agrawal ‘Das Narayan’ Kavi Narayan’s poem are in tune with the tradition of Saint poetry of the mediaeval period. There is a beautiful combination of love and devotion in this poem. Set in the traditional Raags, the poem become musically meaningful.

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