Hanuman the Spectacular Power of Devotion (With Pamphlet Containing Transliterated Text of the Mantras for Convenient Chanting) (Audio CD)

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Ratan Mohan SharmaTimes Music (2009)
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Signature prayer of Inner Voice, commentary, Stuti, Raksha Stotra, Hanumad Gayatri, Hanuman Mantra (108 times), Ashtottarshata Namavali, Sankatmochan Hanumanashtaka, Hanumandastotra, Hanuman Aarti.

Signature Prayer : Sung by Pandit Jasraj, Written by Shri Shyam Manohar Goswami
Music & Voice : Ratan Mohan Sharma
Orchestration : Kedar Pandit
Sanskrit Guidance & Raksha Stotram : Prof. S.G. Desai
Hanuman Aarti : Written by Ashok Roy
Instrumentalists : Keda Pandit, Prasad Jashi (tabla & pakhawaj), Deepak Borkar, Anil Karanjgaonkar (manjira & side rhythm) Rajesh De
(vibraphone) Sudhir Khandekar (flute) Pradeep Barot (sarod)

Commentary : Harish Bhimani (voice), Ashok Roy (words)
Recording : Pramod Chandorkar, Chinmaya Harshe (Studio InSync)

It’s a well-known fact that devotion helps man attain salvation, leads him and helps him reach the after of God. One such epitome of devotion, is Bajrang Bali Shri Hanuman, who because of his selflessness and piety, was bestowed blessings by several Gods. Blessings that made him mighty and powerful beyond compare.

Legend has it that Shri Hanuman’s form reflects a unique radiance. One similar to the brilliance of dawn, while his face is always bedecked with a benign smile. It is this picture which when concentrated upon with a clear conscience and pure mind will help the true follower surmount all obstacles.

Shri Hanuman is famed for his single-minded devotion towards Lord Ram and Sita, in fact it even set unparalleled standards, another facet that Shri Hanuman is known for is his infinite intelligence. Like his calm disposition and placid composure his knowledge too knows no boundaries - his prowess extends across myriad spheres like literature and music.

Powerful that he is yet Shri Hanuman always performed seemingly impossible tasks with great humility. Especially when he braved stormy waters and crossed the sea in search of Sita. His perseverance spells out a lesson - that however daunting the circumstances, to dutifully fulfill the task at hand with amazing speed. Shri Hanuman embodies this spirit of endurance.

It is this role played by the mighty simian that gives the Ramayana a completeness and weaves together the great eplic Meditating over the epitome of service, gives the follower the fortitude to eliminate the evil within him and the one that he has to confront in the world that surrounds him. And the benevoient God takes care of everything the inner bad as well as the ugliness of there world.

The trinity that best defines Shri Hanuman is humility knowledge and a rare intelligence, one that can analyse and perceive. When Lord Rama pleased with Shri Hanuman’s devotion granted him a boon, what did the latter ask for? That he would like to live as long as Lord Rama is worshipped and the boon thus made Shri Hanuman immortal.

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