Himalayan Blues… The Funky Homosapiens with Vajra (Audio CD)

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Mystica Music (2009)
About the CD

Himalayan blues the funky homosapiens with vajra:
The music in Himalayan Blues is the result of our collaboration for several years with a group of young Napalese musicians who are based in the country's capital, Kathmandu.

During a tour in India and Nepal with The Funky Homosapiens (kunt, Hans Fredik, Anders and Audun were sent out into the world to spread the joyful message of funk), we were reunited with Vajra, a band that works to keep the folk music of Nepal alive. After three concerts at the jazz festival in Kathmandu, poetically called "Jazzmandu", we walked over to studio 2000, sat in a circle, took one microphone each and let loose.

Nepalese music possesses a beauty and depth that are difficult to describe with words. It is reminiscent of the sounds of the more prominent Indian and Pakistani cultures farther to the south, but its form is more 'folky' and is based more on short, catchy melodic phrases. For many years, the area where this little country surrounded by huge mountain is found has been associated with Shangri-La. The name has become the symbol of paradise on earth since James Hilton wrote the book Lost Horizon in 1933, about a mysterious, legendary land hidden in a valley deep within the Himalaya Mountains. The people who lived in this land enjoyed exceptionally long lives in perfect harmony, peace and happiness. The music of Nepal runs like a murmuring brook through this landscape of goodness.

The Himalayan Blues, comprising the renowned Nepal classical band Vajra and the Funky Homosapiens, the A listed musicians of Norway performed a free concert at the premises of the historical place of Patan Durbar Square... The fusion of classical and traditional Nepali music from Vajra with the music of the Funky Homosapiens spellbound the silent crowd by playing touchy and melodious music. Even the flocks of pigeon's attention were drawn by the magic of the fusion.

1.Wandering In The Mountains05.23
2.Morning Mist03.46
3.Walk In The Rain04.26
4.Journey To Nirvana03.20
5: Nothing To Loose11.46
6. Infinite Peace05.37
7. Resting In Silence04.00
8. Himalaya Station05.18
9. Himalayan Lounge03.12
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