Himalayan Touch Sitar and Tabla Backgrounds For Healing (Audio CD)

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Agni and Lewis HowardNew Age Music (2004)61 Min. Approx
From The Audio CDbr> Credits
Sitar And Ta Mboura- Agni
Tabla- Lewis Howard
Duration: 61 Min. Approx
Format: Audio CD

About The Audio CD

Himalaya Touch will Gently Draw you Inward, Bringing You To The Place Where All True Healing Begins. These comforting Melodies Assist On All Levels- Physical, Mental. And Spiritual – By Power Fully Awakening Your own Innate Healing Powers.

About This Music

The music on this recording is an original composition by composer and performer Agni, based on the Indian musical system called a raga. Literally translated, raga means “to color the mind.” In ancient India it was widely known that music has within it the ability to affect-both positively and negatively-our moods, feelings, and outlook on life. Traditionally, the musicians of India play different ragas at specific times of the day; each raga is meant to capture the essence of that moment in time.

For all of the albums in this series, Agni has adapted and extended this ancient concept for contemporary life. Each recording in this series was composed and performed to help you fully feel and experience the benefits of the specific quality around which the music was created.


3Ganga Purna10:34:00
6Ama Dablam11:30:00
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