I, Omar: A Musical Journey Into the Inner World of Omar Khayyam’s Mystical love Poem The Rubaiyat (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICN067
Swami Kriyananda (Donald Walters)New Age Music (2004)61:16 Minutes
From the CD

If the soul could sing, here would be its voice. Listen to this haunti nglybeautiful music and feel an ancient stirring in your heart - to be released from all earthly limitations, free to embrace Infinity itself. I, Omar is inspired by The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the poetic and mystical masterpiece pennel nearly a thousand years ago in Persia, The melody is taken up in turn by cor anglais, oboe, flute, harp, guitar, strings, and a gypsy-tinged violin. The reflective quality of this instrumental album makesit a perfect companion for quiet reading or other inward activities.

“I, Omar Khayyam, offer you for your encouragement my own intuitionally tested experience of divine bliss, Having gone before you, I assure you that I Know where of I speak, Now you need but put my testimony to the proof.”

1The Hunter of the East6:31
2A Thou sand Blossoms Woke with the Day5:31
3Oh, Com e with Old Khayyam5:24
4The New Year Reviving Old Desires6:16
5Ah, Moon of My Delight 5:58
6Alas, That Spring Should Vanish with the rose!5:03
7The Moving Finger Writes5:24
8One Evening at the Close of Ramazan5:05
9When Thyself with Shining Foot Shall Pass4:19
10Leave the Wise to Talk5:24
11Look after Me-In Vein!6:21
Total Time 61:16

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