Mantras: From Dawn to Dusk (Audio CD)

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New Age Music (2007)66 Min. 40 Sec. Approx
From The Audio CD
Concept and Realization: Nilesh D. Nathwani
Interim music and recording: Rohit Bhagi
Vocal – Nilesh D. Nathwani and Chetna Shukla
Violin – Kailash Patra
Flute – Paras Nath
Sitar – Muhammed Khalid Mustafa
Tabla – Athar Hussein and Madho Prashad
Compilation of Mantras – Dr. Hajari, Triloki Ahuja, Chetna Shukla, Nilesh D. Nathwani
Duration: 66 Min. 40 Sec. Approx
Format: Audio CD

About The Audio CD

Mantras are sacred hymns that invoke the Aksarabrahman (holy, eternal and omnipresent spirit) by their magical sounds and rhythms. The sacred sound “Om” represents the eternal sound of the universe. Listening to the mantras from dawn to dusk will create positive and divine vibes and invoke the spirituality in you.

Lord Ganesa constantly reminds us of our origin from the Divine Consciousness. He is the Perfect One. That is why one of His names is Sri Purma (the Perfect One). The elephant is also associated with a prodigious memory, and Lord Ganesa is also a symbol of wisdom and is a bringer of good luck. It is said that his elephant head epitomizes everything related to wisdom-small, shrewd eyes; long ears that miss nothing; a long nose that can smell anything and remove obstacles. His vehicle, a tiny rat, is an indication how much importance a wise man gives to the smallest forms of life. Clearly, the evolution towards Divinity includes the smallest details of Perfection. The elephant head on human body symbolizes the process of evolution and the inevitable union of man with Divinity.


1Sri Ganesa Invocation9:11:00
2Ma Sakti Prayers5:03:00
3Mangal Mantras (Propitious)5:22:00
4Om Namah Sivaye8:09:00
5Santi, the peace process3:22:00
6Purnavati, all is perfect1:15:00
7Bhajan, a devotional song5:42:00
8Welcome to the New Age, Chants5:16:00
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