Mystic Harp Sailing The Blue Sea: Music in The Celtic Tradition: Volume 2 (Audio CD)

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Swami KriyanandaNew Age Music (2004)72 Minutes Approx.
From the CD
Swami Kriyananda
Derek Bell
Donald Walters
Catlogue No : CDNF 197238 (00015)
Duration : 72 Min Approx
Format: Audio CD

About the CD

Derek Bell harpist for the five time Grammy award winning group The Chieftains, displays his legendary artistry in a follow up to the best selling the Mystic Harp. This heart opening mystical music will uplift your soul with twenty captivating melodies, written in the Celtic tradition by Donald Walters. A treasure for lovers of Celtic and harp music.

Praise for the mystic Harp: “Utterly radiant, with noble simplicity and innocence.”


1. Sailing the Blue Sea 4:53
2.Celtic memories6:20
3.Brave were the people3:00
4.Jenny will love me3:06
5.Johnnie’s Braw Dancer!3:00
6.Awa’ to the Hills3:23
7.Dark eyes4:06
8.The Christ child’s a sleep4:06
9.To death I’ m stranger3:48
10.Home’s where the heart is2:54
11.John Anderson, my jo3:19
12.Birds in the spring3:19
13.With Bobbie I’ll Dance3:31
14.Freedom? Tis a Gladsome heart2:27
15.Dare to be different!3:25
16.We’re off to school!2:34
17.Wedding Dance2:32
18.Marchin off to glory2:46
19.It’s God’s green Earth3:09
20.Home is a green hill5:17
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