Panchatattva Gayatri: Awakening Life's Core Elements for Inner Well-Being (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICR043
Suresh Wadkar & Mahalakshmi IyerTimes Music Spiritual (2010)
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Panchatattva re life’s core elements - Earth, Water, Fir, Air & Space. The physical energies of this environment are a combination of cosmic and earth energies which from the essential energy serving as the vital force required for the existence of all the life forms - human beings, animals and plants on earth. The basic five elements of nature - earth, air, fire, water and space along with the various forces of nature, sustain elements are brought together to create this Divine experience and to achieve a balance of these five energies within oneself. Listening to this spiritual album, sung by Mahalakshmi Iyer & Suresh Wadkar will bring about purification of one’s inner-self and wellbeing.

Panchatattva Gayatri

Awakening life’s core elements for inner wellbeing
1. Prithvi (Earth)
Prithvi Mantra - Prithvi Gayatri
2. Jal (Water)
Jal Mantra - Jal Gayatri
3. Tej (Lustre / Fire)
Agni Mantra - Soorya Gayatri - Agni Gayatri - Savita Gayatri
4. Vaayu (Wind)
Vaayu Mantra - Vaayuputra Gayatri
5. Aakaash (Sky/Space)
Aakaash Mantra - Aakaash Gayatri

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