Swami Turiyananda The Master Vedantist (A Video Presentation on Life of Swami Turiyananda) (DVD)

Item Code: IZA159
Swami Turiyananda Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai (2008)44 Minutes Approx
From The DVD
Artist: Swami Turiyananda
Catalogue No: 809896918129
Format: DVD Video
Duration: 44 Minutes Approx

About The DVD

Swami Turiyananda, one of the foremost direct disciples of Sri Ramakrishna, was a true Vedantist who led an austere life in accordance with the Vedantic scriptures and attained God-Realization by constantly remembering that Brahman alone is Real and the world is Unreal. Under the inspiration of his brother disciple Swami Vivekananda, he travelled to America and started preaching Vedanta and inspired many western disciples towards God-Realization. This video presentation portrays some of the interesting incidents that happened in his life by chronological order.

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