Vedanta Wisdom by Uma Mohan- Vedanta Mahavakya for Relieving Stress and Anxiety (Audio CD)

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Uma Mohan Times Music (2009)
From the CD :

Vedanta Wisdom

Vedanta Mahavakya are truths- words of wisdom revealed as Shruti with no author, having their divine origin in the Vedas. These Mantras can liberate you from stress and anxiety if you can apply them in life by increasing your consciousness levels to accept and comprehend their lofty meanings. When experienced, they most certainly can give the aspirant peace and freedom. Meditate on the Mahavakyas from the Upanishads and feel the freedom of being a part of the whole, benefited by the intelligence of knowing that You are the result of what you have thought.

This album contains chants for orientation of thought towards optimism, and to expand the mind, absorbing constructive auspicious vibrations from the universe. When we can feel the vastness of our souls and think of ourselves as not limited by the body, we become open, limitless and creative. These Mahavakyas from the various Upanishads give us the power of being bigger than what can be conceived by the limited mind. Meditate and be free of anxiety. Know that there is a cosmic plan in everything and we do not make our decisions. They are made by the million actions that are happening and these actions weave their way from the past through the present, to manifest as the future.

These is no reason to be anxious when you can see the extensive picture. Heighten your consciousness. All the Mahavakyas point in one ultimate direction, which is the union of the Jeevatma and Paramatma, the soul merging with Brahman- which is the purest form of consciousness. As we upgrade our senses and raise our thought quality, we are able to reach this kind of blissful union with the cosmic consciousness, whereby our body, mind and soul become precious tools for us, with which we are able to enjoy this world, spreading joy and causing a wonderful change to happen around us.

We will follow a seven step path on this journey to be relieved of stress and anxiety. We will come to experience the truth that we are indeed larger than we perceive and there is no need for stress at all since everything that happens is a preordained flow that takes its own course. Our purpose here is to sit back and enjoy this beautiful life that has been given unto us. Even as we move through these great phrases which have enlightened many in the past, we will experience those wonderful states which our seers have enjoyed, having contemplated on these grand words. By meditating on the Mahavakya we come to know our own role in creation and take responsibility for our actions. When we apply these wise words, our thoughts change, and along with that our mind and our entire chemistry responds to make wonderful experiences possible.

The music and voices are set in a happy yet pensive note to take you to different, more elated states of joy. Anxiety and stress are left behind as worn and useless garments that we were holding on to, without knowing that throwing them away was a simple possibility- a gentle movement of thoughts. The Meditation will yield much result when one is able to enjoy the meanings and dance along in Ananda experiencing the joy which is conveyed as we go deeper into the understanding of these precious words of wisdom. These words can encompass you and take you into a world of absolute bliss and solace. Moving and swaying the body, to experience divine and joyous thoughts, is a way to appoint the Karma Indriya in sacred action. This will instantly help the mind to loosen up and experience the greatness of life. The Vedanta Mahavakya can give you all that your heart seeks. Sway along with the music, as it takes you to a world of freedom, causeless love and limitless more more anxiety.

Meditate on these wonderful words of wisdom for relief from stress and anxiety.

1. Arun- Pranavopasanam- Relaxation, Faith, Gratitude- Right Direction, Sri Rudrayamala, Mundaka and Mandukya Upanishad (Atharva Veda), Taithreiya Upanishad (Yajur Veda)

2. Aa no Bhadra Kratavoyantu Vishwataha- Positive Energy- Right Assimilation Rig Veda Samhita.

3. Tat Twan Asi- "You are that"- The choice- Right thoughts and feelings Chhandogya Upanishad (Sama Veda)

4. Pragnyanam Brahma- Awakening, Intelligence- Right Perception and Understanding Aitreya Upanishad (Rig Veda)

5. Ayam Atma Brahma- Elevation, Purpose- Right Effort and Mindfulness Mandukya Upanishad- (Atharva Veda), Bruhadaranyaka Upanishad (Yajur Veda)

6. Aham Brahmasmi- Tranquility, Bliss- Right Concentration and Expansion Bruhadaranyaka Upanishad (Yajur Veda), Maha Narayana Upanishad- Agamarshana Suktam

7. Aum Tat Sat- Truth, Absolute Reality, Freedom- Right Experience and Intention excerpts from the Yajur & Sama Veda, Gitopanishad- chapter 17 verses 23 to 27

Concept, Research, Text, Music design, Voice Arrangement, Voice- Uma Mohan
Music arrangement, Electric Guitars- Sangeeth P.P. Dilruba, Tar Shenai- G. Saroja
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Rams (Rhythms and Mystical sounds) Chennai by Krupa Mohan.
Produced for Times music by Uma Mohan

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