Endless-Knot (Ashtamangala) Filigree Cuff Bracelet (Adjustable Size)

Endless-Knot (Ashtamangala) Filigree Cuff Bracelet (Adjustable Size)


Surging with the mesmerizing design this Ashtamangala cuff bracelet is absolutely whimsical. A striking jewel crafted with the sacred Ashtamangala design that incites luck and charm into the wearer's life. Fill your day with brightness and luck and wear this glistening ornament to add the extra sparkle. Fashioned with an amiable design this chic is the epitome.


The Ashtamangala are the eight sacred symbols that are the teaching tools used in Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. The symbolic attributes or symbols are teaching tools and yidam. The endless knot has various meanings. It is the symbol of eternity and it represents the unity that linked or interlinked all the things together. The endless knot is a neverending cycle with no end and beginning. It symbolized the wisdom or enlightenment of Buddha. 

Item Code: LCG66
Sterling Silver
1.3 inch Height
35 gm

The Endless knot also represents the union of method and wisdom,  the interdependence of wisdom and compassion in enlightenment. The knot is the symbolism of eternity and infinity that they will never split or break. The Endless knot represents longevity, luck, and belief. This symbol has a sacred meaning. The design f this symbol on this ornament will protect the wearer from harm.  This jewel will incite the charm of the wearer. 

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