Endless-Knot (Ashtamangala) Cuff Bracelet (Adjustable Size)

Endless-Knot (Ashtamangala) Cuff Bracelet (Adjustable Size)

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Style yourself with this Ashtamangala cuff bracelet infused with a vivacious design. This jewel is perfect for a casual day or for fancy outfits. Give yourself a chance to look beautiful with this ravishing Ashtamangala cuff bracelet and wear this stunning ornament.


The Eight Auspicious Signs are actually the sacred signs that are included in Ashtamangala. The couch is a representation of the melodious sound of the dharma. The golden fish symbolizes sovereignty, fearlessness, and happiness. The Lotus signifies the pureness of body, mind, and speech. Parasol symbolizes strength and protection from sickness and evil forces. The Treasure Vase represents the wealth, phenomenon of space, longevity, victory, wellness, and prosperity. The Dharma Chakra signifies the eight-fold path that directs to the enlightenment: Right faith, right endeavor, Right intention, right action, right mindfulness, and right meditation. The Victor Banner symbolizes achievement over confusion, anxiety, death, and fear. 

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Item Code: LCG15
Sterling Silver
1.7 inch Height
40 gm

The endless knot in the Eight Auspicious Signs represents unity. It is also the symbol of perpetuity.  The Endless knot signifies eternity and everlastingness. It is said that the looping of this symbol restrained the evil spirits from entering the house by confusing them. This symbol can bring luck and drive the evilness away from the wearer.  

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