Tibetan Om with Filigree Cuff  Bracelet (Adjustable Size)

Tibetan Om with Filigree Cuff Bracelet (Adjustable Size)

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This perpetual bracelet makes a serious fashion statement with the filigree. The pendant with the enticing design that will match up with your wardrobe is absolutely magnificent. Wear this beautiful pendant with the sacred word Om written on it that will make your day better. Filled with divine power this enchanting Tibetan Om cuff bracelet will protect you. A perfect chic for fashion and for spiritual protection.


Om is just not a random word or a sound. It is a sacred practice that is also used in meditation and aid the body and mind with peace and calm. Om is an excellent tool, a mystic syllable that demonstrates positive things. Om can aid the wearer to bring positivity in his life and it can help to control the anger effectively. 

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Item Code: LCG11
Sterling Silver
1.4 inch Height
36 gm

This Tibetan Om pendant can energize the soul of the wearer. Om is considered very sacred in Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. It can help to ease the mind in peace by bringing positive energy. Om is a very effective mantra is can also help the wearer to release stress. It is also said that Om is the first sound of the universe. Wear this Tibetan Om pendant to protect your mind and bring positivity to your life.