Round Nose Ring

Round Nose Ring

Parvati is the known as the Hindu Goddess of love, beauty, marriage, fertility, and others. She is also called the Mother Goddess in Hinduism earning her with hundreds of aspects, each referred to with different names and attributes. She completes the trinity of the Tridevi, the female version of the holiest Trimurti, together with Saraswati and Lakshmi. Parvati is the direct incarnation of the supreme goddess Adi Parshakti, giving her the gentle and aspect of the former.

Goddess Parvati as the deity for marriage is honored during weddings and celebrations in big and small ways. One such simple yet notable way of honoring her through marriage is by wearing the nose ring. This Round Nose Ring is a classic piece to wear during and after getting married. Nose piercing vary in purpose in various states in India but it is traditionally worn by women who are married, although non-married women can also sport a piercing as well. When ladies get married, the nose ring is worn as a tribute to Parvati. This Round Nose Ring is made of 18k Gold, fitting for Parvati’s emergence as the golden Gauri. This round nose ring is small enough to be worn every day. It's sublte yet elegant design makes it easy to wear to with formal clothes, corporate attires, and of course casual style as well.

Legends say that Shiva was first married to Sati, whose father Daksha opposed the union. Because of the conflict between Daksha and Shiva, Sati came to her father's yagna on her own where she also immolated herself. This saddened Shiva making him retreat to the mountains. Afterwards, Sati is reborn as Parvati. In the future, Parvati resolves to marry Shiva. She is said to have asked Kama's help and his arrow hit Shiva and took him out of his meditation and eventually decided to marry Parvati.

Item Code: LCF19
18 K Gold
1 mm Length
Gauge: .56 mm
0.17 gm
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