The Bhakti Of Lord Hanuman

The Bhakti Of Lord Hanuman

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An image of tender devotion. Lord Hanuman kneels on one knee upon the earth and gathers His hands in the supplicatory namaskaaram. His tail flourishes behind Him as He raises His head towards His beloved Lord Rama, His eyes brimming with the bhakti in His heart. Bhakti, or unconditional love, is the yogamaarga (‘maarga’ is Sanskrt for path) of Hanuman, an accomplished yogi of the finest order. The Lord reciprocates. He stands over His bhakta, leaning over Him in a protective, paternal stance. With half-shut eyes He gazes lovingly upon Him, discoverer of the captive Seeta, reviver of His brother Lakshmana. With His right hand He exerts a gentle grip upon the wrists of Hanuman, in divine reciprocation of His bhakti.

The figures have been executed with complex black lines of varying levels of finesse. The silhouette features relatively thick curves, while the attire and adornments are filled in with dense, miniscule motifs. Zoom in on the same to appreciate the symmetry and detail with which it has been done. The signature ivory cream of the tussar silk canvas pervades the spaces within; as such, this painting is a minimalistic composition. The gada of Lord Hanuman lies on the ground next to Him, while Lord Rama’s bow and arrows are swung on His shoulders. The halo shines bright around both their heads.

A tree with a slender, curvaceous shoot stands in the background. The shrubbery in the foreground sways gently in the winds.

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Orissa's Paata Painting Water Color on Tussar Silk
Rabi Behera
5.8 inch X 8.7 inch
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