Dense Tree of Life with Wildlife and Fishes

Dense Tree of Life with Wildlife and Fishes


Madhubani Art is one of the most famous art forms that has its roots from Mithila, a village in Bihar; it has a lineage of more than 2500 years and reflects the culture and traditions of its origin. The one shown on this page is a quintessence of its style, as Madhubani focuses on depicting themes of natural elements like flora and fauna or representation of ritual contents, like festivals, marriages or deities. A good Madhubani painting is never left with empty spaces and is fully covered with required elements in geometric patterns. They are done with the help of fingers, twigs, pen nibs using natural dyes; for black and white paintings, charcoal and soot are often used for black shade.

This painting depicts a forest scenery, with the dense tree of life extending its branches at the top like a giant in a haphazard direction pattern symbolizing strive for greater knowledge, new experiences and strength; the remaining background is covered with varied kinds of leaves and bushes. The small red dots at the tip of every branch are the outgrown fruits. A friendly and healthy wildlife and fishes can be seen hovering around in the tall bushes and water at the bottom; focus on the style of their outlined structures having bulging fish-like eyes, oval face shape and sharp highlighting stripes and patterns on their respective bodies. The prominent orange color in this superfine painting acts as a major attraction to the eyes.

Item Code: DP42
Madhubani Painting on Hand Made Paper
Folk Painting from the Village of Madhubani (Bihar)
Artist: Puja
28 inches x 20 inches
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