Draped In Elegance

Draped In Elegance

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The dull hued and lone background takes us back to the huge haveli rooms, carved in ethnic and ritualistic patterns of pillars and walls. This royal beauty sits elegantly with both legs folded on one side on her king size bed; garbed in exclusive silks of descent colors, she feels rejoiced on seeing her husband, who seems to be standing in front of her eyes and is longing for that warmth and love from her.

Heavily jewelled in pearls and rubies, that veils her neck, hands and ears, highlighting her perfect jaw line. That extreme happiness on her face tells us that earlier she was waiting for her king, as she could not resist herself to flaunt her vibrant beauty to her husband and share that unending sensuality.

All dressed up in the best of her attires in a deep yellow skirt having zaried motifs, accompanied with light purple heavy shawl, long enough to cover her torso and her head. Not only the striking colors, another eye-catching beauty is the thick and luxuriously zaried border on the skirt and shawl; leaned against a rich red colored booster and that expression of curiousness and wait on her pearled plumage is an add on beauty spice to her royal aura.

Item Code: OV72
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
36 inches X 24 inches
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