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Ecstasy and Elation

Ecstasy and Elation
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Ranging from mujras to kathak, the Mughal period witnessed many amazing dancing styles. Dancing played a pivotal role in the Mughal lives and the thriving culture. In this painting, Navneet Parikh beautifully captures dancers and musicians in their own melodious fad. With a lovely scarlet red background, the watercolor painting is enclosed in a thin golden border that contrasts the eight illustrated people. The eight dancers sway with each beat as their cotton jamas are hued in exotic colors like amber, olive, white, baby pink and sea green. All of the dancers take up different postures to signify the nostalgic dance moves with their expert hand movements and look stunning with their ravishing royal held back Indic turbans and bright dupatta that they use as their dancing props.

These dancers are accompanied by four musicians who play a bewitching music that entrances them. With splendid instruments like didgeridoo, bongo drum, drum and clarinet, the musicians passionately recreate their wonders every time onlookers cast their eyes over them. Two of the men in middle are adorned in crème white jamas and complimenting turbans whilst the bongo drummer is enveloped in a large dusty baby blue as he curls up on the ground. A sleek and strong figured man peeks as he is clothed in a breathtaking green jama while he plays didgeridoo with a glamorous stubble that hitches the spectators' breath.

This painting is tinted in spectacular and vibrant colors as it displays the concept of ecstasy and elation, never failing to cast a spell on the onlookers. The splendid concept is gorgeously stroked in fabulous paint slashes, making it a must buy for all those who love multicolor artistic marvels.

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Item Code: MJ34
Watercolor Painting On Paper
Artist: Navneet Parikh
24.5 inch X 16.5 inch

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