The Felicitation Of Lord Balaji

The Felicitation Of Lord Balaji

The Balaji iconography is a venerable, reassuring sight for the one whose heart is filled with devotion. To be found in numerous private and public temples across the subcontinent, the Mehendipur temple in Dasau, Rajasthan, is the fountainhead of this Lord Hanuman-roopa. The word ‘bala’ in Sanskrt stands for ‘child’: it is the innocent yet powerful bala-roopa of the Lord that inspires and commands worship.

Zoom in on the face of the Lord - the protruding jaw, the large eyes brimming with childlike wisdom, both indicative of Deva Hanuman. Some giveaways of the Balaji iconography are the dense complexion, the ornate towering crown, and the plethora of garlands He is felicitated with, from beneath the layers of which His gentle feet could be seen. In fact, streams of fresh flowers form somewhat of an aureole around the venerable figure.

The pillars and arch that define His altar have been finished with remarkable attention to detail. A sharp-tusked kirtimukham graces the zenith of the arch, while a conch and a chakra are to be found at its base. Pastel-coloured silk curtains complement the simple chequered floors and the richly decorated frame of the painting.

Item Code: PV19
Water Color Painting on Tussar Silk
Folk Art from the Temple Town of Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behra
20.5 inch X 22 inch
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