Guru Har Rai, The Seventh Sikh Guru. (February 28th 1644 - 6th October 1661)

Guru Har Rai, The Seventh Sikh Guru. (February 28th 1644 - 6th October 1661)

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Guru Har Rai was worshipped as the seventh Nanak Guru out of ten in the Sikh religion and was characterized for having a peaceful and sensitive nature. Guru Har Rai in his tenure (February 1644 – October 1661) faced problems with Mughals as Aurangzeb succeeded in winning the Mughal throne in Delhi and defeated his younger brother Dara Shikoh, whom Guru Har Rai supported. This watercolour painting of Guru Har Rai displays all the generous aspects of his personality. The composure of his eyes, delicate smile on pink lips and sparkling sharpness catches the attention of the viewers and clearly explains his innate calmness and bliss.

The white aureole behind his head is a sign of his revered divinity. The use of glossy pink and bright gold for his rich silk garbs adds to a unique combination of colour creativity by the painter. The gold turban jewelled in a luxurious band of gold, ruby and emerald is a sign of him being the leader and the auspicious one in his order. Perfect strokes of the beard are a sign of the painter’s professionalism. Painted in an oval frame, the outer edges in golden are decorated with a beauteous pattern of flowers and vines. Selection of colours for this watercolour painting of Guru Har Rai is one of the features of enhancement of its beauty and to highlight the persona of the protagonist.

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