The Handsome Gopala Of Vrindavan

The Handsome Gopala Of Vrindavan

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Nature’s beauty abounds in Vrindavan, the home of Lord Krishna. It is the abode of well-being and peace, harmony and reasonableness, love and transcendental bliss. Over the tropical abundance of the woods of Vrindavan, He herds His cows as He keeps guard over the light in His devotees’ hearts (the Sanskrit word for cow is ‘go’, which also means effulgence).

In this kalamkari composition, the beloved cowherd and protector has stopped under a tree and pulled out His flute. It is well into dusk - note the deep, solid red of the backdrop. One of His flock keeps Him company. The innocent pashu (animal) tongues His divine feet as the music envelops her. A bunch of parrots have gathered in the branches of the tree above, having been drawn in by the sound of His music. It is a luscious tree surrounded by flowering shrubs, as pretty as the tassels that dangle from His flute.

Kalamkari paintings are fine examples of pen-based workmanship, which has been perfected in Andhra Pradesh over centuries now. The pen in question is a rudimentary one fashioned from locally available twigs, which explains the thick curves that define this composition. The devotional theme and limited colour palette (ochre and sindoori pigments) are characteristic of this style of Indian folk art.

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Kalamkari Painting on Cotton
Artist - M. Viswanath Reddy (Andhra Pradesh)
35.5 inch X 42.5 inch
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