In the Scenic Forests of Vrindavan

In the Scenic Forests of Vrindavan

Item Code: RB86
Water Color Painting On Hand Carved Marble Saucer
11.9" Dia
Radha and Krishna are repeatedly depicted in all kinds of paintings, proving that the artist delights in making them as much as the viewer delights in viewing them. Radha ad Krishna represent a spiritual dawn in the garb of erotic, physical love..

In the scenic forest of Vrindavan, Radha and Krishna are engrossed in love play. The well rounded face of Krishna holds the lotus shaped eyes, a perfect nose and beauteously curved lips, twitched in a soft smile. Radha, seen in profile, has the most refined features. Both of them wear princely jewellery. The article of discontent between the two is Krishna's flute which he plays, not to appease himself but to charm the gopis on the cowherdesses. Krishna treats it as a means to bring Radha closer. These lovers tiffs were a prelude to their erotic love making..

If the theme of the painting is poetic, then the background corresponds to it. The flowering shrubs on either side, the shade of a leafy tree, the lotus pond with blooming birds and the graceful swans from the earthly beauty. The aerial beauty is exuded by the sky that is bathed in multi-colours by the setting sun. The red clouds carry the after glow of the sun..

The painting is painted in pure Rajasthani tradition, but the border confirms the Mughal influence. Not only the floral patterns but lavish use of gold says so..

This description by Renu Rana..

These unique artworks come along with a suitable gift box, and also a wooden stand - as shown in the accompanying image on the left.

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