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Nayika Shringar

Nayika Shringar
The pure and fine brush strokes take this masterpiece to the next level of sanctity, depicting the eye-catching self love of Nayika. The warm ivory complexioned countenance is adorned with a stunning Greek nose and thin and rounded high-arch eyebrows that compliment the mesmerizing and prominent deep set eyes, accompanied with a thin lock of hair that rests on the lady's plump face, as her cantaloupe-colored lips, twitch into a suppressed smile.

The charming Belle is painted to be bejeweled with a lovely nose ring that is studded with silver, red and green beads that perfectly goes with the vibrant bangles combined with the remarkably carved thick bangles. Her long, moderately frizzy, charcoal-black hair is commended with a sparkling forehead band, bespangled with green and purple gems as well as a beguiling silver head pass, that soothes the eyes. Her ear droops under the weight of the charismatic gold and amethyst-painted drop earrings that enhance her mien. With the perfect jawline, her neck is beautified with a bewitching white pearl collar necklace that extends to become an artistically embellished, heavy and a luxurious ivory-stoned choker necklace that chaperone the dangling laced opera that lengthens to her navel.

The painting encapsulates the lass in a pleated, mauve lehenga with a chest-length red choli stitched with a gold colored lace, that deepens over her cleavage. Her diaphanous, Maya blue-dyed, floral dupatta drapes gracefully, failing to cover her light-complexioned skin.

Her henna painted fingers curl around the mirror as the art shows her as she does her shringara. However, an overwhelming feeling of melancholy grips the spectators heart, as the stripped blemishes color her arm brown. Her broken smile is a key to the clandestine that is dug under her maquillage, bringing into light her sadness that she tries to conceal with love, turning out to be the ultimate jackpot of a wonderfully depicted scenario.

This item can be backordered
Time required to recreate this artwork
8 to 10 weeks
Advance to be paid now
$34.00 (20%)
Balance to be paid once product is ready
Item Code: MI38
Watercolor on Paper
11.8" X 20.5"

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