Nrtya Ganesha Thangka (Made In Nepal)

Nrtya Ganesha Thangka (Made In Nepal)

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There is a lot in common between the cultural lives of India and Nepal, to which religion is no exception. Home of the Bauddha dharma (Buddhism), which is subsumed in the wide-horizon philosophy of the Hindus, these countries follow the same life-principles and worship the same deities. The thangka that you see on this page is a fine example of the classical art form of Nepal. It depicts the nrtya Ganesha or the dancing (‘nrtya’) Ganesha, who is worshipped both in India and Nepal.

On the back of His vahana, the humble mouse, dances the fair prince of paraloka (otherworldly realm of existence). One foot is brought down on His back, the other raised in the air in keeping with the step. He is chaturbhujadhari, the one possessed of (‘dhari’) four (‘chatur’) arms (‘bhuja’). Dressed in a short blue loincloth, luxuriant wisps of solid green silks float about the dancing figure. A halo in matching green colour, and an aureole of burning scarlet flames. This is an image of ethereal power and the glamour of the gods.

The pale, purple skies of the background. Delicate wisps of cloud in soothing pastel tones. A snatch of the Himalayan landscape in the foreground - cool, blue streams and bare rock and mythical canopies in vibrant colours. All of these are not only the signature elements of the traditional thangka, but also indicative of Kailash Mansarovar, the home of His father and mother.

Item Code: WN16
Color on Wood (framed)
26.5 inch Height x 30 inch Width - with frame
2.96 kg
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