Panchamukha Shiva

Panchamukha Shiva

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This painting rendered as a clear water color art, represents against a divine red background Lord Shiva in his five cosmic faces painted unlike his usual Panchamukha iconography; in the usual ways, Panchamukha Shiva has his four faces in each of the four directions and the fifth face is either invisible or faces the sky, but this being a two-dimensional art form, all the five heads are three-fourth front facing with each having ornamented golden-brown coiffure atop.

He sits on a blooming double lotus which is kept on a highly stylized chowki and his ash-smeared body glows with the vigour of life along with Chandan smeared on his forehead and hints on body in an aesthetic contrast. Lord Shiva is garbed in the rigorous tiger skin costume and Goddess Parvati sits on his lap in absolute elegance and an expression of love and respect.

The ten-armed Shiva carries all his implements with Trident and Damru being the main of his iconography. He has the Vasuki serpent coiled around his neck, third eye and a crescent moon on forehead. Panchmukhi Shiva or Panchanana Shiva combines in him Tatpurusha, Vamadeva, Aghora, Sadyojata and Ishan representing wind, water, fire, creative function and space which are the five cosmic elements and space.

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Item Code: HO97
Water Color on Paper
Artist:Kailash Raj
7.50 inches X 10.00 inches
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