The Shapely, Rural Beauty

The Shapely, Rural Beauty

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Oil on Canvas
2.8 ft x 3.8 ft
In contemporary India, the image of women carrying pots/baskets on their heads is so common that it can be called a 'cliché'. Yet, this cliché' signifies work and beauty. There have been exemplary paintings showing rural women along with their implements for work.

This well-crafted creation of God takes a breather from work as she holds the basket behind her head. She wears a saree, the end of which is casually tucked at the waist; the blouse fits the shapely form well. The bangles match her clothes and the rest of the jewellery is simple, yet decorative. Her hair is adorned with wild flowers. The cane basket that she holds behind, clearly defines her head and shoulders; this is also the basket that she uses to fill up and carry the ubiquitous load.

The brightness of the palette is limited to the protagonist. The background is painted in hues of blue. The sadness of the background is highlighted by the bare branches. Even the woman's face holds a vacuous look, which the bright colors fail to uplift.

This description by Renu Rana.

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