Shashabhujadhari Ganesha (Composite Figure)

Shashabhujadhari Ganesha (Composite Figure)

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An image of Lord Ganesha upon a canvas fashioned from palm fronds. The city of Puri, located in the state of Odisha, is a popular temple town. It is known for its ancient Jagannath temple as well as for the region’s folk art. Handpicked from the studios of local artisans, the painting that you see on this page is a fine example of the devotional art produced there.

Lord Ganesha in His traditional iconography would add to the aesthetics of any Indian home. He is seated in lalitasana upon a throne of layered lotus petals. He is shashabhujadhari, the one possessed of (‘dhari’) six (‘shasha’) arms (‘bhuja’). Sacred implements in His posterior hands; the broken tusk in the anterior right, the left one raised in blessing. The foreground is flanked by a pair of mice, His vahana, flourishing their tails and holding up a laddoo each as an offering to their Lord. Above His head is gathered a bunch of coloured silken curtains held in place by a Kirtimukham motif.

A palette of riotous pastels makes up the form of Lord Ganesha. A composite of multiple, miniscule Ganesha figures, each part of His form is defined with the flourish of a charcoal pencil. Washed-out tints such as these against a canvas of pale ochre makes for a one-of-a-kind composition. The lines on the canvas are indicative of the folds along which the painting may be collapsed and carried or stored away.

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Water Color Painting on Palm Leaves
Folk Art From The Temple Town Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behra
17.20 inch x 30.50 inch
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