The Sisters

The Sisters

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Two sisters, each of them married into families of good breeding from the neighbouring villages, have gathered at their childhood home. They are on a break from duties at their respective sasural (marital home), probably having come on the occasion of the kuladevi poojana at the mayka (maiden home). They have arrived early on in order to help their mother with the requisite preparations, while their husbands are to attend on the eve of the ritual.

Dressed in the tradition of North Indian women, the sisters look every bit the daughters-in-law of respectable zamindar families. The elder one is in a green and ivory silk lehenga, while the younger, more recently married one is dressed in scarlet silks. The brocade and booties on each go well with the fine gold jewellery they are wearing, studded with matching jewels. From the headband to the rings on their delicate toes, the sisters’ shringar is flawless.

The sisters are each other’s equal in beauty and youth. Large brown eyes, full lips, and flawless skin that they have inherited from their mother. Together they are spending some quiet, personal moments on the velvet-upholstered swing that they have played on so often in their girlhood. Note the combination of light and shadows on the thick chain the swing is dangling from, a hallmark of the painter’s skill with the brush.

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Item Code: OU39
Oil on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
60 inch X 36 inch
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