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Soaked in Passion, Their Souls United….

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Soaked in Passion, Their Souls United….
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Orissa's Paata Painting on Tussar Silk
Artist Rabi Behera
10.0" x 18.0"
Devotional literature and poetry stress the theme of worldly love as a metaphor for the soul's search for divinity. Radha's passion for Krishna symbolizes the soul's intense longing for the love of God.

Radha and Krishna are shown basking in each other's glory, a certain ineffable tenderness characterizing their gestures and movements. Physically, their bodies are intermingled; spiritually, their souls are united. The blue-bodied Krishna is lost in the arms of fair Radha. But they are not alone, the cow they are resting against looks upon them lovingly; the sakhi waves a fan over them, though the couple is unaware. The tree in the background is bending almost double to provide shade and cover to the loving two. The lotus pond in the foreground houses graceful swans – pairs of birds and animals are used as metaphors for loving couples.

The artist adapts the traditional folk style in depicting features and body types. The jewellery worn by Radha, Krishna and the sakhi belongs to a particular geographical region. The colors are chosen with care and applied thinly.

This Description by Renu Rana.

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