Standing Navaneeta Krishna Tanjore Painting | Traditional Colors With 24K Gold | Teakwood Frame | Handmade

Standing Navaneeta Krishna Tanjore Painting | Traditional Colors With 24K Gold | Teakwood Frame | Handmade

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This superfine Tanjore painting portrays the All-Auspicious Supreme Lord Krishna who appeared in the holy land of Braja and performed various wonderful pastimes to exchange unconditional love among His beloved devotees who loved Him with all their heart and soul. Although Krishna appeared just like an ordinary child, all the residents of Vrindavan loved His association and always remained very eager to see His moonlike face. Krishna being the source of all pleasure gave them the highest form of pleasure. 

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54.50 inch Height X 30.50 inch Width X 6.00 inch Depth
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Krishna’s bodily features are very attractive and enchanting; the soft and gentle smile on His moonlike face is sweeter than honey, His eyes appear like the sun and moon, His eyebrows are like the arrows that pierce everyone’s hearts softly and lovingly, His lips are as red as a Bimba fruit. Krishna, the ever-youthful, eternal, and ocean of beauty stands with a Surabhi Cow of Vrindavan. He is also known as ‘Gopala’ and ‘Govinda’ because He is the protector of Cows and gives pleasure to them. In this magnificent Tanjore style painting, the All-Attractive Lord Krishna stands putting His lotus hands-on His curvaceous waist, tilts His delicate neck toward one side, and brings a soft and gentle smile on His face. Krishna’s sweet smile is very pleasing to see. He is clad in a perfectly wrapped dhoti around the waist and legs down to His ankles. His beauty excels even that of thousands of cupids. He holds His divine flute ‘Venu’ in His right hand, the transcendental sound of which, enchants every living entity of Vrindavan and they develop immense love for Him. He is elaborately decorated with several ornaments around His neck and the effulgence of ‘Kaustubha gem’ in His necklace drives away the ignorance of the jivas of this material world.


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