Tibetan Buddhist Deity Padmasambhava

Tibetan Buddhist Deity Padmasambhava


Padmasambhava or Guru Rimpoche was the eighth century Indian Buddhist mystic who introduced Tantric Buddhism to Tibet and established the first Buddhist monastery there. This precious master is said to have incarnated as fully enlightened being from a lotus, as can also be seen in this painting where Buddha sits in a lotus pedestal painted beautifully with unique pink and yellow petals.

This miniature is crafted on a wooden board piece depicting a colorful and soothing background of wondrous flowers and the sky full of clouds. Its thick red border with tinges of yellow and alluring floral designs form a captivating view to the eyes. Padmasambhava is veiled exquisitely in a dark blue colored robe of a mantra practitioner, red and yellow of a monk and maroon representing as the king.

The yellow hue of his plumage reflects the setting sun in the area. He blazes magnificently and carries a nature of wrathfulness; he holds a large and beautiful skull cup brimming with nectar of longevity and deathless wisdom and right holds a five-pronged vajra at his heart. The khatvanga that he holds with his left elbow is a divine representation of a danda with three severed heads at the top denoting the three kayas and crowned by a trident.

He wears a five-petalled lotus hat, with its five colors representing the five kayas, a vajra top to symbolize the unshakable samadhi and vulture’s feather as a realization of the highest view; he has the appearance of a youthful child and eyes wide open in a piercing gaze. The painter has alluringly displayed the contrasting green aureole and a circular dual layered gold and red-blue stone studded backdrop reflecting his divinity.

Item Code: WN14
Color on Board (Framed)
15.3 inch Height x 12 inch Width
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