Tulasi Devi, The Devi Of Nourishment And Well-Being

Tulasi Devi, The Devi Of Nourishment And Well-Being

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The Hindu dharma is about worshipping the everyday. That which gives us life and nourishment is worthy of reverence and offering. Hence, it is no wonder that the basil shrub is the object of ritual worship in the home of almost every Hindu. Manifested in the form of a Devi, the Devi Tulasi is a sweet-smelling young woman at the zenith of Her beauty and fecundity.

She stands at that juncture of landscape where the mountains meet the plains. A sea of hills are fading gently into the background of a cold, pale sky the colour of the descending sun. A waterfall cascades therefrom through columns of pebbles into a river cutting through verdant plains. The vegetation in the background comprise both deciduous and evergreen, the very picture of lushness and plenty.

Tulasi Devi is clad in a gold-bordered lehenga of vibrant blue, pink, and orange. Her feet and hands are dyed with alta, a bridal dye made from the paste of hibiscus petals. Ample gold and jewels are to be found in Her hair, on Her face, and on Her wrists and torso and ankles. Against the halo behind Her thick black tresses, Her serene face glows with motherliness and benevolence.

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Item Code: HO67
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist:Kailash Raj
8.5 inch x 11.5 inch
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