15" Beautiful Peacock Lamp with Bell In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

15" Beautiful Peacock Lamp with Bell In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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You can’t get away with the extensive beauty of this brass sculpture of a ritual lamp having a large peacock settled on top of it adding to the remarkable beauty and elegance of this art. The awe-struck feature is that none of the areas in this brass peacock lamp is left vacant, every inch of it is carved with accuracy and precision in varied patterns. The high raised chowki is sculpted in two layers and a highly carved formation of the four small legs; the bottom layer has slanting edges and chiselled lotus petals on its circumference and the top layer have a decreased size, filled with a pattern of checks and dots. The smooth shape of its corners gives a beauteous finish to the edges.

The long lamp stand attached over this chowki is a beauty to get flattened on, and impresses us with the conscientious floral carves on all layers. Every layer of this brass lamp stand has a different pattern and size to focus on and each design is etched according to its style. The sculptor’s level of imagination and the way of executing it deserves sure-shot applause, as you zoom in to the image, you can make out the precision of carves of even the minutest details on the sculpture. The lamp stand has a top like that of a pot, which has an outstretched carving of a diya to enlighten the place, along with a horizontally striated temple bell hung below it.

The peacock on the top sits in style with his long tail curved downwards forming great ornamentation to the already embellished lamp stand. Striated patterns on the neck are followed by superfine scales etched on his body and feathers. The rear image of this peacock lamp highlights the accurate beauty of the tail, fashioned in a leafy layered design, chiselled in similar vertical striations and an evil eye-like design on every leaf.

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