25" Seated Uma | Devi Parvati | Brass Statue | Handmade

25" Seated Uma | Devi Parvati | Brass Statue | Handmade

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Uma in this gorgeous bitone statue with ebony black and metal copper tones. Devi Uma's right hand and fingers are positioned to clasp the lotus flower, symbolising purity, while her left-hand rests gracefully on her side, exhibiting her panache in this one-of-a-kind brass statue. She is shown embracing her braided hair, which builds up to make a lovely crown fashioned in layers of rings with a flower-like apex, which is associated with Shiva. She has a reputation for entering the hearts of her followers in order to inspire love and eradicate negativity. Her graceful stance and expression of life embody this lovely goddess's sensuality and femininity. The goddess represents feminine refinement and grace, and she is depicted in the statue wearing a holy thread, which represents knowledge. Devi Uma, Shiva's partner and the powerful creative spirit, is the life energy that connects all beings.

Uma is one of the manifestations of the divine feminine energy, the Devi, who has different forms such as the kind Shiva’s consort, Parvati, the fierce Durga, or the destroyer of evil, Maa Kali. Uma is the other half of Shiva’s divine energy, the energy that brings everything closer and connects the dots, and is confident and gracious. Uma is said to be the embodiment of Shiva’s first wife, Sati. This feminine divine goddess is said to possess all the qualities that make her a generous giver to the Universe and is considered as the light that disperses all the darkness. 

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25.50 inch Height X 14.00 inch Width X 11.00 inch Depth
26.89 kg
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