Eighteen Wicks Peacock Lamp

Eighteen Wicks Peacock Lamp

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In a Hindu ceremony lights with wicks are lit and offered to deities for performing Aarti or prayer extolling the Deities where devotees are reminded of God’s glorious presence and providence. The aarti is thus an expression of one’s complete and unflinching love towards God. It is sung and performed with a deep sense of reverence, adoration, and meditative awareness. The myth is that the peacock has an angel’s feathers, a devil’s voice, and the walk of a thief. But Hindus believe that it is not only the amount of Karthikeyan but also of Sarasvati, the goddess of wisdom and learning. When mounted by Kamadeva, the god of love, it symbolizes a desire.

This magnificent brass lamp of 18 wicks mounted with a dancing peacock is in a real sense, an object d’art. The whole lamp configuration stands on the three-legged dais with a two-layered spherical top finely carved with floral designs. Two beautiful circular trays deeply cast, each having nine wicks ( thus making it a18 wicks lamp ) placed one above the other on the pedestal top. The wick- lighting space has been dug a little deeper to keep the wicks burning for an extended time.

A small but lucrative column having a series of thin and fluted lines cut into the surface is screwed with the top tray- lamp over which the glamorous peacock has been elegantly engrossed with its sleek, slender neck with a large & taut tail having radiant, bright and breezy feathers, a tiny cloudy beak and a pair of engaging eyes, topped with an imperial crown present peacock a soul of nature. A reminder to treat a work of art like a prince, let it speak to you first.

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Brass Statue
14.50 inch Height X 6.50 inch Width x 6.50 inch Depth
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