A Resource for Obtaining a Husband like Lord Shiva

A Resource for Obtaining a Husband like Lord Shiva

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White Marble Statue
9.0 inch x 6.5 inch x 10.5 inch
5 kg

The Goddess and her God, together, represent the cosmic female and male whose eternal embrace procreates the universe and its creatures, keeping the life-processes of the world in operation. The most archaic representations of their union are not in the human form of male and female divinities, but in the sexual symbol represented here: a phallic shaped conical stone emerging from an ovoid base representing the female sexual organ (Yoni). Such primitive emblems (the lingam and the yoni) are still the most common objects of worship of the Hindu religion, where unmarried girls worship the Linga daily to get a husband like Lord Shiva.

The ritual of worshipping this composite symbol consists of pouring over it a liquid (water or milk). The channel formed by the yoni round the base of the Linga serves as a drain and carries away the excess fluid.

According to Alain Danielou in his book 'The Phallus Sacred Symbol of Male Creative Power:'

"Universal energy, the substance of the world, is represented by the yoni, which grasps the lingam. It is only when the phallus, the giver of semen, is surrounded by the yoni that God can manifest and the universe appear."

Tho serpents, emblems of fecundity and fertility, can be seen on the sculpture, while one slithers near the mouth of the channel, a second coils itself at the base of the Linga and the third forms a protective hood over the back of the Linga.

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