The Tall And Slender Ardhanarishvara

The Tall And Slender Ardhanarishvara

A one-of-a-kind deity, the Ardharnarishvara is an oddity of the Hindoo pantheon, albeit a quintessential one. Quintessential, because it espouses the very basis of the Indian Sankhya philosophy. Sankhya begins and ends with the exposition and union (samyoga) and sublimation (viyoga) of purusha and prakrti. While the former is the energy principle, the latter is the matter principle, and it is the union of the two that leads to existence as we know it.

Purusha is a king; prakrti, the dancing girl. The masculine and feminine principles, respectively. The Ardhanarishvara that you see on this page is a union of the masculine and the feminine, of matter with energy, that which causes life and motion and beauty and ultimately the quest for sublimation. The Ardhanarishvara deity is a half-and-half of Lord Shiva and His ardhangini Devi Parvati.

It is a stately bronze number, a solemn monotone composition the colour of deep, dark earth. A slender lotus pedestal under the feet of the deity, one leg clad in a loincloth, the other in a full-length dhoti as befits the limbs of a woman. The angular lines of His torso, the supple curves of Hers. He is chatubhujadhari, She dvibhujadhari. A serene, handsome face, beneath a tall but asymmetrical crown. Finally, the karnakundalas of Lord Shiva cascade down His shoulders, in contrast with Hers which are gently grazing the clavicles.

Item Code: ET07
Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
12.1 inch Height x 5.3 inch Width x 3.2 inch Depth
2.2 kg
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