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Vishnu, The Tejasvi

Natural Brass
Brown Silver Gold
Vishnu, The Tejasvi
Hinduism is a very complex dharma, and Vishnu its most complex deity. Part of the holy trinity comprising of Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver), and Shiva (destroyer), to Vaishnavas He is the overlord while Brahma and Shiva merely do His bidding. His form is boundless, character non-specific, influence wide-ranging. His slender crown looms atop His head, at the back of which glows an engaved angular halo. His posterior hands bear the dharmachakra and the conch, one of His anterior hands the goad which He is holding down. The remaining hand is raised divine in blessing. Clad in sumptuous dhoti and jewellery, from lobes through torso and arms down to the ankles slightly above which the dhoti ends, the masculine splendour of His figure has been captured with superb skill by the brass artisans of India.

From time to time, His omnipresent force manifests Itself into an earthly form or avatara. The avatara is almost exclusively the modus operandi of this particular deity. A lovely male sleeps peacefully upon a celestial serpent as He dreams the universe into being. A ferocious leonine creature bursts forth from a seemingly lifeless pillar and ravages the entrails of a demon. A superbly collected prince enlists an army of monkeys to rescue His wife held captive. An adorable baby sneaks into the churns of milkmaids. Vishnu's many avataras reveal His superlative compassion and concern for the universe He projects; His intellectual, physical, and ethical powers. This despite the fact that some of His avataras are downright formidable and frenzied.

This murti of Vishnu comes in two different finishes to suit your space. The full features of His countenance are radiant (tejasvi) with divinity. The composition is placed on a characteristic pedestal: inverted golden lotus atop a dual-layered base with the lower level engraved with petals. Note how the head of the humungous goad touches the surface of the pedestal between the deity's feet.

Item Code: RI22
Brass Sculpture
30.0" X 14.0" X 9.5"
16.0 Kg

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