Bellweather-Blue Pure Wool Heavily Embroidered Stole from Amritsar

Bellweather-Blue Pure Wool Heavily Embroidered Stole from Amritsar

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Handcrafted with love using pure wool threads, this beautiful blue bellwether Pashmina shawl showcases heavily embroidered Kashmiri patterns which have been inscribed over the shawl for a rich look. The unmatched mix of mighty colors in this shawl makes it a go-to for cozy winter evenings and gloomy mornings. The threads of various colors intertwine to form unforgettable patterns that surpass all norms of beauty.  The attention to detail paid to the embroidered patterns in this beautiful stole tells a tale of art and intricately embellished creative efforts in each needle move by the artisans. Wrap this exquisite stole as a layering piece to any event, and you will forever be remembered for carrying elegance and timeless beauty

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Item Code: SWS80
Pure Wool
27 Inches x 80 Inches
390 gm

Just as the breeze touches the soft exterior of the stole, you can experience the dews of heaven and warmth on your skin. Build a fortress of heat and comfort around as you wrap the gorgeous stole on your shoulders. To present to you the luxury and hidden treasures of Amritsar, here comes an impeccable creation of light and warmth both dwelled into one. The lightweight of the stole along with the heavy design imburses you in eternal beauty and grace. 

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