365 Jataka Tales and Other Stories

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Item Code: NAC442
Publisher: Om Kids
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9888187107576
Pages: 229 (Illustrated Throughout In Color)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

Content: January

The Story of the Month: Prince Wicked and the Grateful Animals
1. Prince Wicked and the Grateful Animals
2. The Superstitious Brahmin
3. The Story of a Tigress
4. A Precious Life
5. The Wind and the Moon
6. The Straw Worth More than Gold
7. The Crab and the Crane
8. Sama, the Good Son
9. The Whatnot Tree
10. The Stupid Son
11. A Huge Lump of Gold
12. The Power of Generosity
13. The Quails and the Hunter
14. The King with One Grey Hair
15. The Green Wood Gatherer
16. The Sacrifice of Vessantara
17. Grandma’s Beloved
18. The Monkey and the Crocodile
19. Coronation of an Owl
20. The Buck and the Doe
21. The Mighty Fish
22. The Happy Man
23. The Beetle Who Challenged the Elephant
24. The Two Calves and the Piglet
25. The Countryman and His City Wife
26. The Groom Who Lost His Bride to the Stars
27. Lord Sakka and His Dog Mahakanha
28. Poison Dice
29. Buried Treasure
30. The Merchant, the Ascetic and the Ram
31. The Birth of a Banyan Tree
Contents: February
The Story of the Month: The Wise King Fruitful
1. The Wise King Fruitful
2. How the Turtle Saved His Life
3. The Nymph and the Ascetic
4. The Conqueror of Anger
5. The Deer Who Played Truant
6. The Story of the Jealous Cousin
7. The Stolen Plough
8. The Red-Bud Tree
9. A Fair Price
10. The Fearless Ascetic
11. The Mulla Pleads Poverty
12. The Mischievous Monkey
13. The Jackal and the Sage
14. Two Merchants and the Sacred Tree
15. Heart of Gold
16. Prince Five-Weapons and Sticky-Hair
17. The Banyan Deer
18. The Goat and the Panther
19. The Hermit and the Elephant
20. The Mouse Merchant
21. The Story of the Crows
22. The Story of Matanga
23. Demons in the Desert
24. How the Monkey Saved His Troop
25. Great Gift and the Wish-Fulfilling Gem
26. The Great Horse Knowing-One
27. Interdependence
28. Achieving Nothing
Contents: March
The Story of the Month: The Greedy Wife
1. The Greedy Wife
2. The Antelope and the Hunter
3. The Talkative Turtle
4. The Righteous King
5. The Monkey and the Snake Charmer
6. The Cunning Wolf
7. The Miserly Father
8. Sutasoma
9. The Quail and the Elephant
10. The Wisdom of Vidhura
11. How God Saved Virtuous Vidhura
12. The Fortunate Fish
13. The Generous Merchant
14. Finding a New Spring
15. The Hunter Who Killed the Monkeys
16. The Flies Who Showed Their Gratitude!
17. The Jewelled Serpent
18. The Story of Moggallana
19. The Brahmin Who Lost His Spell
20. The Tiger’s Whisker
21. The King’s White Elephant
22. Pieces of Gold
23. The Man with a Medicinal Plant
24. A Rich Mouse
25. The Saintly Hare
26. The Ancient Mariner
27. The Son Who Wished His Father a Long Life
28. The Poor Man Who Became Treasurer
29. The King’s Promise
30. The Lion and the Jackal
31. The Story of Sage Agastya
Contents: April
The Story of the Month: The Jealous Monk
1. The Jealous Monk
2. The Story of Mittavanda
3. The Disobedient Son
4. The Vice of Pleasure
5. The Partridge and the Crow
6. The Talkative Minister
7. The Story of the Sarabha
8. Mahabodhi
9. Chudapanthaka
10. The Flight of Sakka
11. Rahula, the Wise Stag
12. The Golden Plate
13. Poison in Honey
14. The Monster’s Box
15. The Golden Goose
16. The Jealous King
17. A Good Friend
18. The Power of Faith
19. Fear Maker and Little Archer
20. The Proud Padanjali
21. The Story of the Monkeys
22. A Mother’s Wise Advice
23. Kandari, the Handsome King
24. The Judge
25. Truthfulness Pays
26. Monks in a King’s Pleasure Dome
27. The Great Ape
28. The Falcon and the Quail
29. A Donkey in Lion Skin
30. The Loyal Elepohant
Contents: May
The Story of the Month: The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
1. The Mystery of the Missing Necklace
2. The Magic Priest and a Gang of Kidnappers
3. The Wise Goat
4. The Ugly King
5. The Six Worthy Ways
6. The Sacrifice of Sivi
7. The Story of Alcohol
8. King Sabamitta and Alcohol
9. Monkeys Wearing Caps
10. The Farmer and the Golden Crab
11. The Silly Kid
12. Ladyface
13. The Pious Asitabhu
14. The Hawks and Their Friends
15. Khankhaak and Phya Thaen
16. The Origin of Lake Nongkasae
17. The Greedy Crow
18. The Kind Buffalo
19. The Dancing Peacock
20. The Miserly Treasurer
21. King Sankhapala
22. Prince Duttakumara
23. The Lion in Bad Company
24. Noble Jambuka
25. The King Who Regained His Belongings
26. Baveru Island
27. The Three Princes Leave the Palace
28. The Water-Sprite Captures the Two Princes
29. The Eldest Prince Rescues His Brothers
30. The Careless Lion
31. The Physician’s Revenge
Contents: June
The Story of the Month: Price of Greed
1. Price of Greed
2. Dhammadhaja, the Righteous
3. Two Ways of Beating a Drum
4. The Story of Romaka Pigeon
5. The Magic of Patience
6. Beauty and Gray
7. The Wicked Lady and the Wise Man
8. A Small Portion of Gruel
9. Kesava, the Great
10. The Doe Who Saved Her Husband’s Life
11. The Begging Monks
12. The Parrot on the Fig Tree
13. The Woodpecker and the Ungrateful Tiger
14. The Story of Vinilaka
15. The Fox, the Hen and the Drum
16. The Story of the Jar
17. A Bull Called Delightful
18. The Wild Elephant
19. The Goat Who Saved the Priest
20. The Noble Tortoise
21. The Pious Son-in-Law
22. Sloth
23. The King’s Nightmare
24. The Virtuous Wife
25. Temptation
26. Two Ascetics
27. The Mango Thief
28. Dhumakari, the Herdsman
29. Roaring Bulls with No Fight
30. The King and the Hermit
Contents: July
The Story of the Month: The Story of Ruru Deer
1. The Story of Ruru Deer
2. Kshantivadin
3. The Price of Sin
4. The Cunning Wolf
5. The Treasure in the Well
6. Two Dining Rooms
7. The Snake and the Green Frog
8. The Lean Cat and the Fat Cat
9. The Faithful Dog
10. The Beautiful Fish
11. The Foolish Monkeys
12. The Beautiful Unmadayanti
13. The King and Uumadayanti
14. The Wicked Monarch
15. The Queen of Kushinagar Prays for a Son
16. Two Sons Were Born to the Queen of Kushinagar
17. The King of Kushinagar Looks for a Bride for His Son
18. Prince Kusa of Kushinagar Marries Princess Pabhavati
19. King Kusa Reveals His Identity to His Wife
20. Queen Pabhavati Unites with King Kusa
21. Racing with the Sun
22. The Wishing Cup
23. Mahaasona and Suhanu
24. The Woman and the Three Bandits
25. The Preacher and the Student
26. The Best Friends
27. Jayddisa, Alinasattu and the Ogre
28. The Messenger of Gluttony
29. Magha the wise
30. The Two Parrots
31. The Two Swans
Contents: August
The Story of the Month: Bhuuridatta
1. Bhuuridatta
2. Bamboo’s Father
3. The Crab and the Elephant
4. Do-gooder Expresses Her desire to Do Social Work
5. Do-gooder Joins the Men in building the Inn
6. Sweet and Bitter Figs
7. The Lotus Stalk
8. The King Who Learnt a Lesson from a Monkey
9. King Sudhana and Manohara
10. Ghata: The Virtuous King
11. Pindola Bharadvaja
12. A Tale of Consciousness
13. Bitterness
14. The Meditating Security Guard
15. The King Order the Death of Stray Dogs
16. Dog King Silver Seeks Justice for the Stray dogs
17. Dog King Silver Teaches the King to Be Just
18. Prince Temiya Decides to Become an Ascetic
19. Prince Temiya Turns Ascetic
20. Heaven Dweller
21. The Wolf Who Broke His Fast
22. Salty Liquor
23. Ingratitude
24. The Ominous Sounds
25. The Holy Man Who Tried to Be Too Holy
26. Bhaddasala, the Tree Deity
27. Sakka Plans to Tempt Noble Kassapa
28. Noble Kassapa Conquers Temptation
29. Gain
30. The Unruly Master
31. Prince Hatthipala
Contents: September
The Story of the Month: The Ungrateful Son
1. The Ungrateful Son
2. The Footprint Reader
3. A Wise Teacher
4. Two Otters and a Wolf
5. The Foolish Disciple
6. Ayogriha
7. The King Who Knew the Language of Animals
8. Sariputta
9. Dirty Water
10. The Ungrateful Husband
11. The Geese and the Greedy Crow
12. The Little Bird that Saved the Forest
13. Impartiality
14. The Young Monk Who Saved the Ants
15. The Chameleon Who Saved a Tree
16. The Lizard
17. The Little Boy Who Saved the Ants
18. The Grateful Elephant
19. Wastefulness
20. Kalanduka, the Wicked Chameleon
23. The Rustic Woman
24. King Goodness the Great
25. New Homes for Tree Spirits
26. The Young Quail
27. Champeyya, the Serpent King
28. Baby Peacock
29. The Legend of the Sparrows
30. Self-Control
Contents: October
The Story of the Month: Magha Regains Compassion
1. Magha Regains Compassion
2. Magha Teaches the Value of Merit
3. The Crane Proves Her Virtue
4. The Reward for Good Deeds
5. Well-born Unites with Magha
6. A Questioning Mind
7. How the Priest Loses His Reputation
8. The Priest Finds His Answer
9. King Kalabu and Kundaka Kumar
10. Kundaka Kumar Teaches Forbearance
11. Wise Birds and Foolish Birds
12. The Tortoise’s Home
13. The Royal Barber
14. The Golden Goose and the Palasa Tree
15. The Carpenter’s Boar
16. The King of the World
17. Don’t Loose Your Faith
18. Ananda’s Gift
19. The Thankless Monkey
20. Silence Is Golden
21. The Monk’s Dilemma
22. King Sibi
23. Jotipala, the Great Sage
24. Noble Sankicca
25. Tayodhamma, the monkey king
26. The Selfish Fisherman
27. God’s Punishment
28. The Story of the Two Brothers
29. Deceitful Crow
30. The Devoted Son
31. Truth can Never Be Hidden
Contents: November
The Story of the Month: The Prince and the She-devil
1. The Prince and the She-devil
2. A Man Named Bad
3. Bad Learns to Accept His Name
4. The Wealthy Prince
5. The Naïve Householder
6. The Naïve Householder
7. The Story of the Elephant King Goodness
8. Elephant King Goodness Saves a Forester
9. The Forester Deceives Elephant King Goodness
10. The Forester Pays for His Cruelty
11. Canda and the King of Benaras
12. Ruhaka and His Foolish Wife
13. Love and Kindness
14. The Prince and the Brahmin
15. Yuvanjaya
16. The Power of Prayers
17. A Man Named Curse
18. Curse Saves the House from Robbers
19. Curse Gains Respect
20. Rohanta, the Golden Deer
21. The Antelope and His Friends
22. The Woodpecker and the Tortoise Save the Antelope
23. The Antelope Shows His Gratitude
24. The Robber and the Courtesan
25. The Story of Sabbadatha, the Jackal
26. The Bodhisattva Teaches Sabbadatha a Lesson
27. Sudata, Subahu and the Jackal
28. King Bharu
29. The Story of a Rooster
30. A Hermit Called Kanha
Contents: December
The Story of the Month: Matribala’s Power of Virtue
1. Matribala’s Power of Virtue
2. Yakshas Put Matribala to Test
3. Matribala’s Dilemma
4. Matribala Agrees to Sacrifice Himself
5. Matribala Teaches Virtuosity
6. The Good Monkey and the Wicked Monkey
7. The Wicked Monkey Tricks the Good Monkey
8. The Tricky Wolf and the Rats
9. Rats Outwit the Tricky Wolf
10. The Wise Monkey
11. The Merchant and the Vultures
12. The Story of the Chaplain’s Son
13. The Chaplain’s Son Gains His Position of Honour
14. Asadisa, the skilled archer
15. The Brave Asidasa
16. The Elephant with Six Tusks
17. Chullasubhadda Plans to Harm the Elephant with Six Tusks
18. Chullasubhadda Died in Penance
19. False Admiration
20. The Tree Sprite Drives Away the False Admirers
21. The Virtuous Man
22. The Old Woman and her son
23. The Wise Goat and the Wolf
24. The Wise Goat Saves Herself
25. The Wise Goat Scares Away the Wolf
26. Auspicious Words
27. The Fox and the Piece of Meat
28. The Fox Pays for His Greediness
29. The Poor Village Doctor
30. The Sound the Hare Heard
31. The Beautiful Asanka
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