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Advanced Use of Jaimini Char Dasha

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Author: K. N. Rao
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Edition: 2017
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About the Book

My friend, the famous Dr. R.K. Caroli, now doing his practice successfully, at the age of 83, a much sought after heart specialist, had asked me in 1978, when I had little time, being in a ten to five government job. To produce statistical research to silence the critics, and cynical opponents of astrology.

Statistical Research: Jaimini astrology

I had to wait till 2014 to do it with the help of students and in 2014 here were are producing three of them all at once here in Jaimini astrology we have two pieces, one of them statistical. It is about timing the date of the birth of a child from the horoscopes of parents within a margin of maximum forty eight hours and in some cases within four hours as shown through an example in the book.

Like the earlier research about the birth of the child, here is another about the birth of sibling. Both these are through Jaimini methods.

Since one statistical study has already been given, it has been avoided but the parameters given here can be applied easily.

The practical uses of this research is that in India we do not have the birth derails of parents in many cases but the horoscopes of their children with accurate horoscopes is available in such cases the birth of the next sibling can be easily done through the research given here.

Statistical Research: Parashari astrology

The other statistical study is that of the birth siblings through Parashari Vimshottari dasha by one hundred students with the date supplied by them. Tested and more than ninety percent accuracy in the cases where it did not apply, the birth time was doubtful. The third book again giving statistical proof is the importance of the ages of 36 and 72 with instances of world famous personalities included in it.


Some of the articles of mine which were serialized in the Saptarshi website and some original researches of mine, tested, replicable and used for predictions by my students are included in this book.

My students of senior research, some of whom are brilliant predictors, better than those racketeers who have been cheating people by charging heavy consultation fees and prescribing meaningless remedies have made use of two of my researches I disclosed to them and have recently given brilliant predictions to people about the birth of children and siblings.

Jaimini is a brilliant branch of astrology, abstruse, secret and needs lot of research.

Many Sanskrit scholars have translated some manuscripts and made them available them to us and we are grateful to them.

Some of these so called Sanskrit scholars or pseudo scholars who pretend to know astrology have garbled Jaimini astrology as they never used Karakas ever and still claim to be doing Jaimini astrology. It would have been better for them to write books with many instances and prove their claim.

Instead they indulge in abuses and these days more because they have access to the internet. Those who want to do serious astrology should ignore them.

I am grateful to Pammi Barthwal who did the proof reading of this book.


It is after more than two decades that I am fulfilling the promise of writing a book on Advanced Use of Jaimini Chara Dasha. I have done at least ten different dash as of Jaimini, rashi dashas and navamsha dashas and finally decided to encourage Chara Dasha and other rashi dash as more and not the navamsha dashas as in those dashas some doubts remain in the calculation of dasha periods. For example in the Padanadhamsha dasha there is no dasha of one year, seven years and eleven years which appears to be a defect. Jaimini scholars who have written about this dasha have not produced any articles or researches to clarify it. By merely stating the outlines of these and other dashas, showing only one event, they have not succeeded in establishing the valid application of these dash as but have created more confusion.

Confused Sanskrit scholars

Then Sanskrit scholars writing on Jaimini astrology create more confusion by never producing a full-fledged research in book form. They merely write an article or two with one horoscope or two showing one event not series of events as I have done in my books on Chara Dasha and Mandook Dasha. These writers should have followed that model to prove, if they are on strong grounds, to show valid scientific disagreement with my method of interpretation. They could never do that because they, in writing on Jaimini astrology, commit the cardinal mistake of never using Karakas, my original discovery and no one else's. To use Jaimini astrology without using Karakas is a vain and fruitless endeavour. Jaimini astrology without full use of Karakas most defective and soulless and ceases to be Jaimini. It is ludicrous not to use Karaka fully and call it Jaimini astrology. Jaimini speaks about the Karakas in the very beginning of his Sutras and that is ignored totally by these so called Jaimini astrologers. They refer to Sthira Karakas and not to Chara Karakas and sometimes use padas in unconvincing and isolated manner.

In the books they translate, like the late Sitaram Jha, they never give even two or three clear illustrations through horoscopic elucidation. Yet, we are grateful to these scholars for making available what otherwise might have been lost.

Mandook Dasha

Yet, the terrible confusion these writers create sometimes is unbelievable. Sitaram Jha explained Mandook Dasha as jumping from kendra to kendra like 1,4,7,10 etc and not like Trikona dasha as Iranganti Rangacharya has done. I took up the Sitaram Jha method and struggled for some years. But neither of them has shown how well it could be used for predictions. I on the other hand saw some written readings of the late Vemuri Rammurthy Shastri given to some politicians of Andhra Pradesh who carne to consult me in which he used it exactly as Sitaram Jha used. But his method of calculation of the Mandook Dasha periods was different. Vemuri also used it as a conditional, not a general, dasha. I followed the Sitaram Jha's method of the sequence of the Mandook Dasha but took the method of the calculation of Vemuri and found excellent results.

Some new sprung Jaimini writers who have contributed no research write boastfully of having found the correct Jaimini dashas. They dare not produce research for others to test. I always produce a research, even write a book and challenge others to test them through actual predictions. See for instance the full-fledged illustrations given at the end of my book on Mandook Dasha and explain the marriage and death of Rajiv Gandhi through their so called different Mandook Dasha. Take the same horoscope with the same Karakas and explain it through the trikona jumps using Karakas and you will fail. What these writers do otherwise is to ignore Karakas totally, use some padas occasionally, again with the some wrong exceptions, and dash off some flimsy explanation in a rather escapist manner.

Practical approach

My approach has always been very practical. I test a new dasha by first giving predictions on its basis, wait for the feedback and when I succeed in more than twenty cases, I then decide to write a book. The difference between me and these writers is that I teach in world's largest school of astrology and face very intelligent students who I have to convince through my method of calculation, batch after batch and year after year. That is the story of success of more than twenty eight years now of the Institute of Astrology of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi.

This Book

Coming to this book, here I have revealed a good many of my researches which have been tested by students over these two decades and they themselves have given successful predictions following my method. What then I am presenting is a tested method, not a merely scholarly looking, Sanskrit quotations filled confused pieces.

What to reveal what to conceal

The decision of revealing too many of my researches was not wise is what I decided because some students who have poor grasp but are anxious to rush to dogmatic predictive pronouncements frighten their clients and themselves get frightened when they see the horoscopes of their family members, their near and dear ones. The reason for keeping astrology as a secret subject had its own justification and keeping it totally secret and not teaching to others was also defective because that decision has led to stagnancy in our application of astrological principles to our fast changing society all over the world in these days of globalized societies.

I must therefore state clearly that I have withheld some of my researches which I will and I do teach only to a few selected students of moral probity, good comprehension and intellectual excellence.

Repeating the hackneyed

Then let me repeat what has become hackneyed now because I have said and written about it many times.

A) Karakas: Use only seven Karakas and not the absurd eight ones. The seventh Karaka is your spouse and the fifth your children. If you use the sixth Karaka for your children then all of your children will become your enemies. Is that clear? If you use the eighth Karaka for your spouse then it is not marriage but widowhood. Avoid such absurdities.

B) Ayanamsha: Use only Lahiri ayanamsha which was approved by a team of the best astronomers of India and ignore any new ayanamsha which the astrology knowing engineers bombard on the internet these days, flinging abuses at those who do not accept them.

C) Dasha calculation in Chara dasha

Remember to use the dasha calculation in Chara dasha as I have been doing for nearly forty years now and which has given me and my students accurate results. People must become aware of the absurdity in the methods of calculation shown by others. If you add one year extra for exalted planets you will have to give to Mercury at two or three degrees in Kanya thirteen years while there are only twelve rashis. Then remember to give it only to Kanya and not Mithuna the other rashi owned by Mercury which was the preposterous argument of the so called proponent of a fraudulent parampara astrologer. Again if Jupiter is debilitated you will have to give zero years to Dhanu periods and that is absurd and does not work at all. No rashi dasha can be of zero year and no rashi dasha can be of more than twelve years.

The book was becoming huge. I stopped adding new researches which God willing, I will reveal in other books.

Statistical research

Let me assure readers that I give in my books only tested combinations and when it is replicated by my students then only I teach it to the others through my writings. For instance in this book you can see how the birth of a baby can be timed within seventy two hours when doctors generally go wrong by many days and weeks. This has been tested by my students on more than five hundred horoscopes with great confidence and greater success which surprised them and made them exuberant in their belief that astrology is a real super science if there is one in our world. I of course always insist that it is a super science. Fraudulent men fail to grasp it. They misuse it boasting of belonging to a parampara and showing it even through the imaginary horoscope of Jesus Christ whose dashamansha is even used!!

Beware of such frauds, pray to God and resolve to contribute to Jaimini astrology more and more with the honest intention to establish the brilliant heritage of our rishis and silence the irrational world of physical scientists and Christian bishop, the sworn enemies of astrology.


  Preface 6
  Introduction 7-10
Chapter-1 Jaimini's chara Dasha my approach-Part I 11-17
Chapter-2 Queen Elizabeth II 18-21
Chapter-3 Chandrashekhar, Former Prime Minister, A Memoir  
  My Riskiest Prediction-1 22-25
Chapter-4 Rajiv Gandhi Events of Life at a alanc 26-29
Chapter-5 Mahatma Gandhi 30-35
Chapter-6 Jaimini's chara Daha my approach-Part I 36-45
Chapter-7 Indira Gandhi (19 Nov 1917-31 Oct 1948) 46-51
Chapter-8 Amitabh Bachchan (11Oct 1942) 52-57
Chapter-9 Using Chara Dasha to Fix and Correct the Lagna 58-62
Chapter-10 Jaimini's chara Dasha my approach-Part 3 63-72
Chapter-11 Need for Periodical Checking 1 73-75
Chapter-12 Need for Periodical Cheking 2 76-79
Chapter-13 Saurav Ganguly 'The Patriot' 80-82
Chapter-14 Women Becoming Prominent in Democracies 83-88
Chapter-15 Jamini's Chara Dasha My approach - Part IV 89-93
Chapter-16 Winston Churchill 'The Dogged war hero' 94-98
Chapter-17 Hitler 99-101
Chapter-18 Mussolini 102-104
Chapter-19 Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto 105-107
Chapter-20 Pervez Musharraf 108-109
Chapter-21 Lal Bahadur Shastri 'Wrong birth date' 110-113
Chapter-22 R. Santhanam : A Memoir 114-123
Chapter-23 Gayatri Devi Vesudeva 'World's Best Woman Astrologer' 124-127
Chapter-24 Atal Behari Vajpai 'How Many Horoscopes?' 128-138
Chapter-25 Kanad Rishi Bhatnagar 139-148
Chapter-26 The Correct Horoscope of Guru Nanak 149-159
Chapter-27 Harivansh Rai Bachchan 160-170
Chapter-28 Examples 171-215
  Thrity five Example are discussed  
Chapter-29 Illustrated with Padas 216-223
Chapter-30 Near accurate date of the birth of a Child 224-235
  An original research  
Chapter-31 Statistical Testing 236-249
  Moon in D-1 and Sun in D-7 of child  
Chapter-32 Siblings--Interconnected Destiny 250-263
Chapter-33 Suggestions and Conclusion 264-265
  Book by Vani Publications 266-272


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