After Patriarchy: Feminist Transformations of the World Religions

After Patriarchy: Feminist Transformations of the World Religions

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Author: Edited By: Paula M. Cooey, William R. Eakin & Jay B. McDaniel
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Language: English
Edition: 1996
ISBN: 8185832129
Pages: 181
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From the Jacket :

"One thing is clear: A post-patriarchal age, even if only as an ideal to be approximated, is worthy of commitment by men as well as by women." - From the Introduction.

The second-class statue, if not the outright oppression, of women in history has often been legitimated using negative visions rooted in the theologies, ideas, and images of world religions. Do the world's religious traditions possess authentic, sexism-transcending, yet concrete, life-giving elements? Are they redeemable from structures of patriarchal domination that cause many women to judge them unsalvageable?.

After Patriarchy reveals the increasing globalization of women's visions as they look anew at those structures, including the religious one, in which human beings live. Moving beyond cant and stereotype, these critical essays will challenge any inquirer. More importantly, they reveal how far-reaching the transformations of world religions must be in order to retrieve a liberating core that will be emancipatory for all.

Contributors include Delores S. Williams, on black women's surrogacy experience and Christian redemption; Lina Gupta, on the figure of Kali in Hinduism; Riffat Hassan on post-patriarchal Islam; Rita M. Gross, on Buddhism after patriarchy; Judith Plaskow, on a feminization of Israel; Paula M. Cooey, on reconstructions of Christian doctrine; lnes Marie Talamanez, on images of the feminine in Apache tradition; and Emily Culpepper, on her spiritual journey as a postmodern free-thinker.

About the Editors :

Paula M. Cooey is Associate Professor of Religion at Trinity University. She is author of Nature and Divine Destiny in the World of Jonathan Edwards.

William R. Eakin is Consultant for the Marshall T. Steel Center in the Study of Religion and Philosophy. He is co-editor of Liberating Life: Contemporary Approaches to Ecological Theology.

Jay B. McDaniel is Director of the Marshall T. Steel center for the Study of Religion and Philosophy and Associate Professor at Hendrix College. He is author of Of God and Pelicans and Earth, Sky, and Mortals, as well as co-editor of Liberating Life: Contemporary Approaches to Ecological Theology.




Paula M. Cooey, William R. Eakin, Jay B. McDaniel
1. Black Women's Surrogacy Experience and the Christian Notion of Redemption
 Delores S. Williams
2. Kali, The Savior
 Lina Gupta
3. Muslim Women and Post-Patriarchal Islam
 Riffat Hassan
4. Buddhism After Patriarchy?
 Rita M. Gross
5. Transforming the Nature of Community
Toward a Feminist People of Israel
 Judith Plaskow
6. The Redemption of the Body
Post-Patriarchal Reconstruction of Inherited Christian Doctrine
 Paula M. Cooey
7. Images of the Feminine in Apache Religious Tradition
 Ines Talamantez
8. The Spiritual, Political, Journey of a Feminist Freethinker
 Emily Culpepper
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