Applied Astrology (Companion Book to the Modern Text-book of Astrology)

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Author: Margaret E. Hone
Publisher: Ajay Book Service
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789381794500
Pages: 119
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business

A book such as this has long been needed. The older generation of students will recall that excellent case-delineations of interesting subjects, carefully annotated, used to appear in Modern Astrology and were certainly very helpful to the young students of those days. These might well have been-but never were-collected into book-form, and thus beginners were forced to learn the hard way which in some instances produces excellent results, but not always. Few students are so gifted as not to benefit from a helping hand.

Mrs. Hone has the immense advantage of a number of years of practical experience, as a well-known and busy professional consultant, and also as a teacher, both private and as . the mainspring of the activities of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. It will be seen from a perusal of this work that she has evolved a compact method of analysis and a carefully thought out plan of exposition. But, good though these are, she has wisely stressed the desirability of each practitioner carefully developing his own ideas and special ways of presentation. For Astrology treats of living things, and no hard-and-fast system could ever be finally satisfactory.

However, it may be extremely useful as a platform from which to start; and those who study this book and carry out its precepts are likely to reach a high standard of work far more quickly than those who have no such guidance. In fact, if they conscientiously and carefully study the Author's methods, they can scarcely fail' to produce excellent results. If they are naturally endowed with an interest in human nature and a genuine desire to help mankind, so much the better. That is a sine qua non for all who aspire to be really good professional astrologers.

By showing each map according to Placidus as well as by the modus aequalis Mrs. Hone demonstrates her fairmindedness and gives each student an opportunity to compare these two methods without difficulty; and if some students may be inclined to complain of the confusion existing in astrological circles on this subject, one can but reply that this is no fault of the writer, whose personal preference for equal houses, taken from the ascendant along the ecliptic, is well known.

The Faculty of Astrological Studies has already done much to raise the standards of professional astrological work in Great Britain-and indeed in a number of other parts of the world-and it will now have a further weapon in its armoury wherewith to fight care- less analysis and slovenly presentation.


After many years of teaching astrology, first to private pupils and then to classes, it has become increasingly obvious that the student is hampered in his early days by not being able to see examples of work set out and arranged by a working astrologer. It is hoped that this book will help to fill the need especially for those abroad, unable to attend lectures. Other astrologers may not agree with the interpretations as given but even in this case, clarification of ideas may result through the presentation of these examples for discussion. Grateful acknowledgment is now made, firstly to those who have so freely given per- mission for their personal letters and chart-interpretations to be published; secondly to those who have helped to correct the book; Miss Jacinthe Buddicom, who has acted as checker of significations and Mr. J. M. Filbey, who calculated the charts. As it is difficult to write a detailed book without mistakes, these are apologised for in advance.

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