AROMATHERAPY: An Introduction to the Essential Oils and their Therapeutic Uses (With Properties of Essential Oils and Procedures of Spa and Different types of Massage)

AROMATHERAPY: An Introduction to the Essential Oils and their Therapeutic Uses (With Properties of Essential Oils and Procedures of Spa and Different types of Massage)

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Author: Dr. Rajeev Sharma, M.D., D.Litt.
Publisher: Manoj Publications, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788131000953
Pages: 158 (B & W Figures: 72)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Author :

Dr. Rajeev Sharma is an eminent consultant of Homeopathy, Yoga, Naturopathy and Alternative Medicine in India. He has written more than one hundred and twenty five books in Hindi and English and around one thousand articles which have been published in various newspapers and magazines. He is also an Editorial Board Member of the prestigious Asian Homeopathic Journal besides many other newspapers and magazines.

Dr. Rajeev Sharma is Medical Advisor to Ralson Remedies (a homeopathic manufacturer), Medical Examiner at the Life Insurance Corporation of India and Medical Officer in the U.P. Government. He has received several prizes for his outstanding achievements. Recently he has been awarded the Best Author Prize in Hindi by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and Sarjana Puraskar by U.P. Hindi Sansthan. He has delivered talks on All India Radio and lectures on Alternative Medicine in various Government and Non-Government Organizations. He has developed two websites too: www.,



Good smell can ignite us, while bad smell can upset our mood. The science of good smells is aromatherapy.

The aroma enter our nose and connects with cilia, the fine hair inside the nose lining. The receptors in the cilia are linked to the olfactory bulb which is at the end of the smell tract. The end of the tract is in turn connected to the brain itself. Smells are converted by cilia into electrical impulses that are transmitted to the brain through olfactory system.

All the impluses reach the limbic system. Limbic system is that part of the brain which is associated with our moods, emotions, memory and learning. All the smells that reaches the limbic system has a direct chemical effect on our moods. For example, a whiff of jasmine increases beta waves in the brain and this wave is associated with an increased agile and alert state. Swelling lavender increases alpha waves in the brain and it is this wave that helps us to relax.

The moleculor sizes of essential oils are very tiny and they can easily penetrate through the skin and get into the blood stream. It takes between a few seconds to two hours for the essential oils to enter the skin and within four hours the toxins get out of the body through urine, perspiration and excreta. Aroma oils work like magic for stress related problems, psychosomatic disorders, skin infections, hair loss, inflammations, pains arising from muscular or skeletal disorders to name some of the applications.

There are different way of using essential oils like rubbing, bath, massage, inhalation, should he used in lesser quantity by mixing in proper carrier oils and under guidance of some expert.

If you have any query, you can write to me with a reply envelope but please do not come without prior appointment. With thanks and regards.




1. Origin of Aromatherapy 9
2. How Does Aroma Oils Work? 11
3. How to Use Aroma Oils 13
4. Carrier Oils 18
5. Chief Essential Oils and their Benefits 21
6. How to Select Essential Oils 37
7. Skin Care and Aromatherapy 40
8. Skin Care for all Weather 44
9. Care for Healthy Hair 48
10. Essential Oils for Specific Problems and Aromatic Bath 52
11. Care of Body Parts 59
12. Massage of Legs and Hand 63
13. Baby Massage 66
14. Aromatherapy and Pregnancy 71
15. Aromatherpay During Labour 79
16. Help for Stretch Marks 83
17. Simple Body Massage 85
18. Wonderful Treatment Therapy - Shirodhara 96
19. Oils and Herbs for Different Diseases 99
20. Production Method of Essential Oils 103
21. Other Procedures Adopted with Aromatherapy 106
22. Pool Therapy and Medicated Baths 118
23. Aromatherapy and Spa Treatments 120
24. Water in Early Morning 125
25. The Royal, Carnal and Noble Food with Aroma Therapy 129
26. Beauty Aroma Massage 133
27. Benefits of Massage 136
28. Marma Points and Oils 138
29. Aroma-Massage according to Dosha Type 144
30. Environmental Aroma Fragrancing 146
31. Aroma Massage Do's & Dont's 149
32. Creating the Right Atmosphere 151
33. Different Ways of Using Essential Oils 154
34. Equipments Required for Mixing Oils 157


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